139 good schools. Final of the school competition for children with disabilities

By 2024, half of the existing correctional schools (900) will participate in the project. The competition is held thanks to the national project Education. In some areas you can relax on poufs with a book, while in others you can play table tennis. For this, 508 correctional schools from 81 constituent entities of the Russian Federation are updating the infrastructure, first of all, the equipment of the premises of the subject area “ Technology '', premises for conducting correctional classes, as well as classrooms for basic general education programs and additional general education programs is being modernized. Истoчник aif.ru Schools are becoming multifunctional centers for the implementation and broadcast of innovations, best practices in teaching and raising children with special educational needs. Voronezh region In the nomination “ Best developing class '' (study room, room for the implementation of additional education programs) first place & nbsp; at the Bobrovskaya boarding school in the Voronezh region. 7; Kaliningrad region. And the first place in the nomination “ The best developing space of the school '' (corridors and recreation, assembly or sports hall, library) first place was given to & nbsp; KGBOU Krasnoyarsk School No. In such restrictions, it was possible to organize convenient storage systems, a recreation area, a full-fledged working area for the teacher, areas for group and individual lessons, and even a hygienic area. The environment in the classroom with new equipment and flexible educational environment, bright design is aimed at easy perception of the studied general education disciplines. Since 2019, thanks to the national project “ Education '' the infrastructure is being modernized and the content of correctional schools is being rebooted. Plot National projects On November 23, the final and awarding ceremony of the winners of the III All-Russian contest “ Dobroshkola '' will take place 2021. There are also additional mobile tables at which you can play, draw, conduct classes in an informal setting. In the nomination “ The best room for correctional and developmental classes '' (office of a teacher-defectologist, teacher-speech therapist, teacher-psychologist) first place at & nbsp; GBOU “ Brasovskaya boarding school '' Bryansk region. The halls and corridors of the school have turned into modern zones for both active and quiet recreation. This helps schools to open the doors to the world of their peers for students with disabilities who are socially adapted, professionally oriented, competitive, that is, get a high-quality general education and work skills. & Nbsp; Parents also use them in & nbsp; while waiting for children from classes. In 2020, in the Dobroshkola competition there were 4 nominations In the nomination “ The best developing space for a training workshop '' first place went to Boarding School No. The school not only equipped the premises, but also came up with a whole new educational block for the professional development of children with modern professions, such as a landscape designer and an ecologist. In the country & nbsp; of & nbsp; 20 million & nbsp; students in education & mdash; & nbsp; 1.5 million & nbsp; children with disabilities or students with disabilities. The purpose of the competition & mdash; & nbsp; to identify the best experience in creating the design of an educational environment for schoolchildren with disabilities, to update the infrastructure and create modern spaces in which it will be comfortable for children to study and work for teachers. & Nbsp; The Expert Council of the competition included specialists in the field of correctional pedagogy, design , hygiene. 139 schools that have created modern conditions for teaching and educating schoolchildren with disabilities from 77 constituent entities of Russia became the participants of the competition. & Nbsp; Laboratory of plant growing and landscape design & mdash; & nbsp; part of the whole educational complex Profimaster (professional workshops), created at the school. & nbsp; A modern classroom with transformable study areas, modern design and equipment has been created there. & Nbsp; Annually for this is allocated 950 million rubles from the federal budget. 5. A third of them & mdash; 500 thousand receive education together with their peers in 45 thousand schools, and 36 thousand & mdash; & nbsp; in more than 1.6 thousand correctional schools. Modern equipment and educational spaces will help in the study of educational programs. A comfortable and beautiful office of a teacher-psychologist has been created there in rather difficult conditions: a small area of ​​the premises in a historic building of ancient chambers, where renovation simply requires jewelry craftsmanship.