A complete set of Russian spelling rules may be ready by the end of 2024

According to him, a short set of basic rules of Russian spelling has already been prepared, it is assumed that it will be possible to agree on it in January next year, reports TASS. The complete set of rules for Russian spelling is expected to be agreed with the Spelling Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences by the end of 2024. Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Education Sergei Kravtsov said that the department had eliminated contradictions with the Spelling Commission on the new set of rules. However, the Spelling Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences criticized this document. The complete set will be prepared at the Institute of the Russian Language. In November, the ministry published a draft resolution that defines a set of spelling and punctuation rules that meets the current state of the Russian language. Истoчник aif.ru VV Vinogradov in electronic form, and in the future it will be continuously replenished. This was announced by the chairman of the commission, head of the department of culture of the Russian speech of the Institute of the Russian language Alexei Shmelev.