Affliction – Palaces Of Hell Lyrics

AFFLICTIONPalaces Of Hell Lyrics
As I stand on the borderline of
The sharp edge of life and death I’m roaming to
I’ve been killed many times but I’m still alive
The Wheel of fate is turning for all of us
I tried so many times
To keep my self away
Even the saints are becoming sinners
Nobody is innocent, nobody is clean
Crushing hand of regret squeezes my heart
Trespassing through all those years
I tried so many times
To keep my self away
I tried so many times
Open my eyes
Wash away my dirt, wash away my stains
Erase my sins and make me pure again
Save me from the darkness of my past
Free from the guilt let me take my last breath
I’ve carved their soul end sucked it all
Left them wasted, like an empty shell
Beguiled by all their greed and envy
I’ve served the evil, now my palace will be hell