Alkaline’s “Top Prize” Album Tops Streaming Charts Ahead Of Release

Alkaline’s PR rep, Shuzzr, told Urban Islandz, “The level of artistry, growth and dominance Alkaline has demonstrated over the years is incomparable. “Top Prize,” the single, has already been making waves of its own, amassing millions of streams across multiple platforms. In another history-making move, the “Ocean Wave” singer also became the face of Spotify’s first Caribbean-focused playlist. Alkaline performed the song “Cree,” which is one of the 14 tracks to be featured on his upcoming album. With several weeks to go before the release of his second studio album, Alkaline is already dominating the charts. On the iTunes platform, “Top Prize” secured the top prize, peaking at number 1 on the US Reggae Album chart. “This album is timely as with my experiences, the lessons learned and growth overtime, it is only fair that I bring everything full circle,” Alkaline told us. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Alkaline says his sophomore album shows growth and experience as the body of work making its presence felt on international charts ahead of its release. Our client’s product and approach is meticulous and the results can be seen from the respect and support he receives from his fans worldwide.”
Shuzzr added, “The level of artistry, growth and dominance Alkaline has demonstrated over the years is incomparable.”
Alkaline says that the project is a reflection of his growth and experience after being in the music industry for a decade. With fans already showing heavy support for “Top Prize,” it will be interesting to see how it truly compares in the coming weeks. Sales have also landed “Top Prize” in the best selling charts in Amazon’s Caribbean category. Lol.”
Alkaline’s debut album “New Level Unlocked” peaked at #1 on the Billboard Reggae chart in 2016. It also peaked at the #2 spot on the global all genres chart before falling into #4 for worldwide pre-order sales. Alkaline’s fans have been showing up for the artiste as they await the May 14 release of the album. The performance, which is featured on Audiomack’s YouTube channel, is #6 on Trending in Jamaica and has more than 238,000 views. The song has over 2.5 million views on YouTube alone. The “Back A Yard” playlist was released following Spotify’s major expansion into 83 additional countries. This is a big deal for the Vendetta artiste, who recently secured his place in history when he became the first Jamaican and Caribbean artiste to perform on streaming service Audiomack’s Acoustic, visual series. As of the time of this publication, the album was #1 in pre-orders internationally and for the Reggae charts on Amazon. “All the Detta fans who have been a part of the movement from day one will appreciate it and even those who have just come to realize the fact will enjoy it… It bad! In addition to the track titled “Top Prize,” Alkaline’s album will feature works such as “Medicine,” “Payroll,” “Ocean Wave,” “More Life,” “Hostage,” and “Cree.” Fans are already debating and forecasting which track will be their favorite. His album Top Prize is the #1 pre-ordered album on all major streaming platforms, including Amazon and iTunes. As an independent artist he continues to break barriers globally and expand the genre’s footprint in mainstream and new media markets; in the coming weeks he will give fans a ‘soulful jam’ of tracks. It also spent 18 consecutive weeks on the chart.