Analysts have named the most drinking countries in the world

Earlier it was reported that experts expect an increase in the cost of alcoholic beverages in the Russian Federation and do not exclude a shortage after the New Year. Denmark and Finland are also in the top three. Australians have drunk an average of 27 times in 2020 & nbsp; year. The study involved 32 thousand people from 22 countries. Истoчник In addition, Australian residents consume alcohol on average twice a week (106 times a year). This is almost twice the world average & mdash; 15 times. According to this indicator, France is in the lead & mdash; 132 times a year, in second and third places & mdash; New Zealand and the Netherlands. Russia was not included in the list. Australia is the country with the highest alcohol consumption, according to the results of the Global Study on Drugs and Alcohol (GDR2021).