Apologies, I Have None – The 26 Lyrics

She doesn’t want to go where tired lines repeat themselves, I love you’s don’t mean shit right now. Past thoughts of giving up once bottled till they erupt, once buried and covered, hidden and smothered are gone just like the past few years in a city that magnified our fears and made it far to easy to blame London than it was to fault myself. – But you know that it’s not right to punish her when you couldn’t ever say that you never did play your part, you never did shit that you shouldn’t, that you never did things that you said that you wouldn’t, you never said shit that you wish that you hadn’t now. A weak man beaten sat at bus stops freezing. I’m going to smash this bitches face in, find the cunt and stab the f*cker. This could have been avoided; it could have been kept at bay. Back on level ground, will we ever find ourselves again? Someone’s going to die tonight. But tables turn and lessons some can only be learned through punishments for past mistakes. On the way home, 26 to Cassland Road, but she doesn’t want to get off there, no she doesn’t to stop there. I still tend to oversimplify certain situations like the time she told me that she f*cked him and I thought – I can’t believe this, did she not know that I loved her? Well I still act blind, I still have violent thoughts at times. f*ck you, London. Shutting down. I’m out.