Arestovich called the surrender of Lysichansk a “successful operation of Ukraine”

Recall that today Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu personally reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin about the liberation of the LPR. Alexey Arestovich. He also expressed his conviction that the Ukrainian military would fight for the return of Lysichansk. Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of Vladimir Zelensky's office, wrote on his Telegram channel that the actions of Ukrainian forces in the Lisichansk-Severodonetsk agglomeration are a “successful military operation.” According to him, the Ukrainian military pursued the goal of the main forces of the enemy” and buy time for the supply of Western weapons. Photo: Frame from video. Besides, Arestovich called the main achievement – demolition of the Red Army stereotype “not a step back.” “This is the birth of a national military school,” Arestovich expressed confidence. In addition, Arestovich noted that time was needed to improve the second line of defense. He said that in just two weeks of fighting for Lisichansk, the Ukrainian army lost 5469 fighters, 196 tanks and armored vehicles, 12 aircraft and 1 helicopter. Истoчник Against this background, Arestovich's statements sound simply ridiculous.