“ATL 2” Movie Trailer Goes Viral After Chance The Rapper Tweet

“Our destinies align. Are you excited about its release? The trailer has since gone viral online. I believe ATL is a movie that never truly got it’s flowers. It’s probably the most quotable movie from my childhood.”
Two days later, fans everywhere are screaming for this memorable moment as the ATL cast reunites once again for the long-awaited sequel, ATL: The Homecoming, not that we did’t knew it was in the works. Chance The Rapper shared on Twitter this week, “I believe ATL is a movie that never truly got it’s flowers. View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Chris Robinson aka MRROBOTO (@mrrobotodirector)

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Fates have most certainly aligned for this moment as fans of the original classic movie will get to see the. We see the sunrise and watch the sunset over the city. What am I looking at right now. The popular and beloved film starred T.I. Our paths intertwine. #actorgang (Traffic light emoji) green light gang.”
The trailer begins by showing the crossways of the great city of Atlanta, Georgia. The scene then moves to the true stars of the show, the original cast, walking together through the desolate roads of Atlanta to the classic single, Georgia, by Ray Charles in honor of the star-crossed location. In response, actor Jackie Long reposted the short teaser of the new movie on his Instagram with the caption, “(eye emoji). and Lauren London and is based on the experiences of producers Dallas Austin and Tionne Watkins growing up on the south side of Atlanta in the early 90s. It seems Chance The Rapper has struck gold as ATL: The Homecoming trailer hit the net. It’s probably the most quotable movie from my childhood
— Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) August 25, 2021

“HEY @chancetherapper WHAT IF……..WE DID IT ONE MORE TIME + #THE FAMILY #THELOVE #THEQUOTABLES #ATL2,” was the caption that broke the news on Friday. Ominously, as the cast slowly walks in the setting sun of the great New York of the South, the monologue of Ruben ‘Big Rube’ Bailey plays in the background. See what you started @chancetherapper. Days after Chance The Rapper tweeting that ATL never truly got its flowers, the makers of the cult classic film has now unveiled the first trailer for the sequel. Chris Robinson, known as Mr Roboto, the film director and mastermind behind the original film, posted the trailer for ATL 2 today on his Instagram.