Audio Push – Big Bets (Last Lights Left Album)

[Verse 1: Price]
I’m all about big bets
I only make big bets
I only place big bets
Come with a big bet
Storm in the building and tell ’em
I ain’t saying shit unless you’re cutting me a big check
‘Cause I’m all about big bets
You gotta make a big bet
I’m living a life that you ain’t lived yet
Big bets
Dropped the top gotta show ’em that I been blessed
Alkaline wrist wet
I only place big bets
Them boys try to show-boat
They turn to a shipwreck
She said come solo
That’s a big stretch
I’m mobbing like Dipset
I only take big bets
I like ass over big breast
We can still have rich sex
‘Cause I’m all about big bets
Gotta come with a big bet
My daddy from a Crip set
And he all about big bets
Still with the jaw taps, still with the chin checks
[?] more, spend less, get the money invest
Heard your album two outta ten I wasn’t impressed
You ain’t making big bets
[Verse 2: Oktane]
Hold up stop the noise
Don’t play, not a toy
I’ve been looking for you
Sometimes feel like the beach
Sometimes feels like I’m drowning
I lost my mind and sanity to you
And today I just found ’em, both
I’m here for a good time not a long time
So I arrive on time
I won’t be here for long
Baby looks like you forgot how valuable you are
Live large, big house
One car, credit cards
Maxxed, I relax
Weed and wax in the bong
Celebrating getting on
Why it feels so right if we’re living wrong? Damn, it’s all so deceiving
Fuck it how you doing this evening? I’m just tryna find life’s meaning
You think I’m high, tweaking
I’m just chiefing, believe it
Be clear, huh
They never thought that we would be here
Now I got here realized I don’t need fear
Play the game of L-I-F-E here
Best two out of three, yea
And I won that though
You rappers, I’m Pops, I will son that ho
You thinking you hot, but we done that though
One shot one kill no runbacks ho
And I’m out here
[Bridge: Price]
This for the young boy live in the city
Big bet, big bet, shine if you with me
This for the young girl live in the city
Big bet, big bet, shine if you with me
This for the young boy live in the city
Big bet, big bet, shine if you with me
This for the young girl live in the city
[Verse 3: Price]
I speak the type of truth you’ll never hear again
There ain’t a man alive can say I’m fearing him
Black Porsche watch how I’m steering it (Skrrr)
Big bet, damn [?]
I bought an eye and build a pyramid
I hit Foothill wearing Prada
You rappers toddlers, I’m your damn father
Repping Africa like I’m Bambaataa
I ain’t touching kids though, not at all
I’ma fucking schizo, I gotta ball
I see you tryna tiptoe, you not involved
Turn her to a nympho (that’s right)
Givin’ you my all, never half price
Only skate street no halfpipes
Spark OG with my last light
Liberate your souls we the last lights
[Verse 4: Oktane]
Take the risk or lose a chance
She wanna loosen up my pants
I wanna smoke, make plans
She wanna go and get a tan
And I ain’t into girls with fake tans
And I ain’t into squads with fake friends
Shoulder move, late spin
Guess sucks you lose, can’t win
I am on top of this
After this do not tell me whose side is this
I don’t wanna know your hypothesis
Lot of rappers talking but I got this shit
I am not with the buzz
Had to come drop they forgot what it was
Now they talking dumb, they calling it love
Now they stand around and call it a club
You can’t lay in it and call it a tub
You think it’s a game we call it the dub
You think he the same we call that a sub
You can’t say my name we call that a sub
You do that for pub, ooh stop
Pick check yeah
Panties, water, get wet, yeah
You talk down we ain’t miss that, yeah
Tryna pay up that’s a big bet, yeah
Last lights left, yeah
Take your last life breath, yeah
The last lights