Authorities discussed the new name of the document with QR codes

Next & mdash; this is already a matter of technology. At present, with the help of sociological research, various options are being tested of what name might be used in Russia for a document for vaccinated and officially ill citizens when restrictions are imposed, RBC sources say. At the same time, the use of the term “QR-code” is planned to be minimized due to the generally negative attitude of citizens towards it The Kremlin and the government are discussing the possible names of the document, according to which the citizens who have a medical rejection from vaccination will be able to visit public places when restrictions are imposed due to the coronavirus epidemic. Subscribe to Twitter RBC Receive news faster than anyone Истoчник At the round table of the Expert Institute for Social Research (EISR), close to the internal political bloc of the Kremlin, which took place on November 18 and was devoted to the international experience of using QR codes and their application in Russia, the participants stated, among other things, that the QR code system has been introduced in many countries, but other names are used in the public space. '' “ & hellip; Someone thought real conspiracy the idea that Bill Gates developed the chips [and implants them into people along with the vaccine]. Most likely, the final name of the document, on which the Russian authorities will stop, will be officially fixed, says one of the sources: this can be done by amendments to the second reading of draft laws on QR codes or by a document from the headquarters for combating coronavirus. Among the options being discussed, according to two interlocutors of RBC, & mdash; health passport, health certificate, green passport (Green pass), 'kovipass', 'sanitary passport' etc. What if it is something that is really capable of [infecting the coronavirus]? In addition, viruses are also digital. The document itself, which allows you to significantly expand covid restrictions, should be called something else, he adds. Who knows what 5G is? At the same time, the authorities plan to minimize the use of the term “ QR code '' in public rhetoric, two sources close to the Kremlin said. It's the turn of QR codes & raquo;, & mdash; said in an interview with RBC, the head physician of the psychiatric hospital. The authorities are discussing options for the name of the document for the vaccinated and ill with Covid. Some people consider the phrase “ QR code '' satanic, someone perceives him through the prism of limiting freedoms, explains the interlocutor of RBC. Using the QR code, you can find out information about a person's vaccination or previous illness. It is not difficult to convince yourself of this if you initially took a position on the creation of a digital gulag and other similar theories '', & mdash; explained Kostyuk. “ In the history of our country, there was a lot of all this: '666, the number of the beast' '' mdash; popular images among not very educated Orthodox. If the authorities use, for example, the word “ passport '', then it will be much clearer: “ Everyone, even small children, knows what a passport is, '' & mdash; says the expert. For example, Health pass, Covid Save Ticket, Green pass, etc. Two sources close to the presidential administration and an interlocutor close to the government told RBC about this. Many people perceive negatively the term QR code itself, says one of the interlocutors of RBC, referring to closed social studies that show that slightly more than 50% of Russians have a negative attitude towards it, & mdash; among them, both vaccinated and not vaccinated, with a possible increase in the number of negative attitudes. The documentation 'contains a two-dimensional barcode (QR code)', the bills say. & hellip; A little earlier, people had a categorical rejection of the INN & hellip; Now everyone has an INN, and nothing terrible has happened. In government bills that suggest the possibility of introducing QR codes on air and rail transport, as well as in public places, the abstract term “ documentation '' is now used, which confirms the vaccination, the presence of contraindications to it, or the fact of a past illness. According to him, “ … people admit that someone has learned to do what seemed inaccessible yesterday. The very name 'QR code', and why this name is used, is not clear to citizens: 'This does not correspond to the social practice of people from the point of view of everyday life … Use of the term 'QR code' increases alertness, can be intimidating and generate negative connotations in people who are already anxious about innovations, seeing them as various threats, '' & mdash; says Viktor Poturemsky, director of political analysis at the Institute of Social Marketing. QR code & mdash; it is only a tool for transmitting information, such as a flash drive, a federal official told RBC. Alekseeva (formerly & mdash; Kashchenko Hospital), Moscow's chief freelance psychiatrist Georgy Kostyuk, explaining the reasons for Russians' fears of vaccination and denial of the pandemic.