B. Slade Responds To Bri Babineaux Accusing Kanye West Of Illegal Sampling Song

“But you didn’t call ME to clear your version of the song that was sampled though. Singer Bri Babineaux on Sunday shared that she was surprised to learn that she was on the album in the song “Lord I need You” track as she was never informed that her performance of the song was going to be used. Let’s all be eclear here,” he wrote on Twitter. After the album was released, fans of Babineaux excitedly pointed out that her rendition was featured on the song. Kanye West is accused of using a sampled verse and using it in his ‘Donda’ album without offering the artist compensation or credit. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Slade, however, clarified that he didn’t receive compensation. You were discovered by doing a rendition of a song that I wrote 100%……So Kanye stole nothing because he came to the rightful owner of the song legally. It would’ve been nice to know before the album came out smh…. But Lord I need you to wrap your arms around me.”
The gospel artist reacted to posts she shared in which her fans tagged her and insisted that Kanye run her her “coins.”
“Thank you to everyone who congratulated me on the #Donda album. #donda,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. Other issues that have since arisen are artists lashing out at Kanye, who made them record verse but dropped them from the final cut of the album. Now, the latest speculation is whether Bri ought to be compensated for Kanye using her sample. The verse that appeared in the song is:
“Lord sometimes I feel like I can’t make it, Lord sometimes I just feel like I can’t go on. Meanwhile, a fan asked if he cleared the verse for Kanye –“you sold it,” a person commented under his original tweet. “I sold what? Who does that voice sound like to y’all? Kanye West nor his manager Abou “Bu” Thiam have addressed the claims. I didn’t sell anything,” he responded. However, I had no knowledge of this [beforehand]. View this post on Instagram

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B Slade added that “it’s the way folks try to erase me out of the equation for me,” he added. “It Would’ve Been Nice To Know Before The Album Came Out.”
‘Donda’ was finally released on Sunday but not without its fair share of drama and controversy, as Kanye later said that Universal released the album without his approval and caused one of the tracks with DaBaby to be banned from being streamed. However, the original composer and writer for the song B Slade took to social media on Monday to clap back at Bri for sampling his song.