Babytron – Bruce Leroy Lyrics

Shit, that’s a Danny G beat
Chain glowing and I punch shit, Bruce Leroy
Huh, yeah
Chain glowing and I punch shit, Bruce Leroy
Win streak 50-1 with him, I could beat Floyd
f*ck Saks up, Polamalu, you ain’t seen Troy
AR with the range, I’ll slide a score, three point
Headshot, shoot it in yo face like [?]
Air Forces, beam on the stick, turn my Jedi on
Take him straight to the Arabs, I ain’t selling phones
Heard you got some shooters on yo team, I’ma set the zone
Feel jacks, rap star, and I’m still scamming
Batman, black Scat Pack, ride with six gadgets
Couldn’t fit the whole case of Wock’, had to six pack it
Chopstick take him on a ride, we’ll Six Flags him
Smoking on gelato, either apricot or apple
Twist his top off, we’ll pop him like a Snapple
Juke 12 out, I’ma dodge ’em tryna tackle
Big-ass plate, man, this lobster has me baffled
Couldn’t touch the net, now I’m sitting on the basket
Rap chose me, if you gifted, it’ll happen
Dior welcome mat, told the bitch that I’m Aladdin
A hundred on the ‘Gram, bitches lined up like a pageant
Bitch, I’m really up, nah, I do not borrow
Big thanks to the mailman, no, not Carl
You was wishing in a well, I was tryna pop Fargo
Bitch, I’m really scoring in the city, I am not Darko
[?] been the shit, I can send the hit
Got exquisite drip, foreign shit like an immigrant
Debit BIN really do magic, hit the pen with it
I’ma thank God for the punch then go sin with it
Airbnb with six rooms, you at a Red Roof
Hitman got a aimbot, he gon’ head shoot
10K on me, ain’t a dollar I’ll lend you
“Human” on my right one, “Race” on my left shoe
Hoes burnt out, on the ‘Gram shaking ass for free
1K a day, this new card is gon’ last for weeks
OT in LA, flashing racks at the beach
I’ma look down at yo ass, need to stack some cheese
Half of these hoes mice, other half cobra
You the type to shoot the shot even if the pass over
Straight drop turned the cream pop into a black soda
Come through shooting HD like I’m [?]
2000s baby, spent two thousand on my kicks
You ain’t got a hundred? I just spent that OT on the list
Time is money, won’t waste neither on no bitch
I been in my bag, locked in, on some focus shit
Chrome Heart on, leave her heart broke, I’m so rude
You dick sucking, I’m just making money, how I’m ‘posed to
Chop eat his ribs up, the bullets wanted soul food
They said I wouldn’t be where I’m at, shit, I told you
Huh, shit, I told y’all
Not coming Timbs till the first time the snow falls
Unc’ throwing white at the fiends, not no snowballs
I can show you how to make a thousand off of phone calls
Showboat, they won’t do shit, watch me show off
Scat look like a hovercraft, how it float off
Bitch want Dior flops just to show her toes off
On that one shit, I’m on fire, I don’t know Off
Three thirties on me [?] and Dell
Just yesterday I made ten off Zelle
Treat her like shit till she catch my mail
One two times for every L I felt
That’s a Danny G, beat