Babytron – Pop Starz Lyrics (feat. Since99)

[Intro: BabyTron]
RJ always tripping, man
RJ always tripping
RJ always tripping, man
I’m tripping, 99 tripping
Let me take my mask off
We damn near all tripping, I wouldn’t lie
What up, RJ? This shit is serious
Aye, aye, ShittyBoyz
[Verse 1: BabyTron]
‘Miri jeans, can’t stuff a dub in them
See an opp, f*ck around and stuff a slug in him
She put that p*ssy in the air, bro stuff the drugs in it
Fendi monster on my tee, lil’ bitch, I mug in it
[Verse 2: Since99]
Bitch, I’m toting on a [?] a light fit
Choppa on me, send it to Topanga like I’m Trippie
Making all decisions, bro, this shit can get real risky
I done saw him in the bucket, boutta go and hit the jiffy
[Verse 3: BabyTron]
Good punch, BINs, but I got dumb pins
99 and them some sharks, boy, you can’t just jump in
This ain’t Fornite but my shooter snuck a pump in
Better use yo head ’cause ‘fore you know it, it get stumped in
Skinny guy, fat shoes, I like them Triple S
Me, Stan, and Dee in Off-White, boy, that’s a triple X
Turn around and make a thirty triple, that’s the triple flex
Hoes talking shit, I beat her ass so, lil’ bitch, you next
[Verse 4: Since99]
99 overall, ain’t no Jae Crowder
Revving up that engine in the Scat, it got some horse power
Pull up to his city then I’m blowing up the Trump Tower
Nah, I don’t be eating on no Warheads, smoking real sour
Florida plug, posted up in Broward
I’m about to go and put him up on camera like I’m Chowder
Sliding on him after hours, level up, it ain’t no power
Bending air, I feel like Aang but, bitch, I’m bringing fire power
[Verse 5: BabyTron]
Christian Loubs flashy than a bitch, boy, I’m a pop star
AKs and Dracs, play with metals, I’m a rock star
Bro poured up into his pop, now he a Wockstar
Shred his whole gang like I’m Mone, feel like the Chopstar
These ain’t Vans, lil’ bitch, nah, these some Ian Connors
Broke as hell, talking shit, I’m somewhere OT eating lobsters
Sick in the head, bitch, I’m so slime, I think I need a doctor
I’m off a RP, I raised a bar but I don’t a spotter
[Verse 6: Since99]
I just went and poured a four in my Tahitian Treat
Bitch, I’m smoking on this ‘Wood, it ain’t no funnel or no sheets
And I’m feeling like I’m [?] toting that heat
When I get up on the court, I’m shooting shit like Pistol Pete
This shit nothing new, I got Crocs up on a shoe
And he steady on the sideline watching shit like Tyronn Lue
Cutting up like I’m a crew, bitch, I’ll be back in a few
Different colors like a hue, why this white bitch wanna sue? Like I’m Stevie Wonder, yeah, I got that bitch up out of sight
And I’m serving automatic, boutta climb me on a light
Yeah, you know we bringing static but he do not wanna fight
Said he went and got a Patek but that G-Shock looking nice
[Verse 7: BabyTron]
Kane and Undertaker, we’ll slam him in the box
I take the Wockhardt then I slam it in my pop
Ain’t gotta ask her for no top
Balenciaga runners, rocking socks up on the block