Baghdasarov assessed the possibility of Turkey’s action against Russia in Donbass

It is already being used in Donbas,” Bagdasarov said in interview to the telegram channel “Radiotochka NSN”. The article emphasized that Turkey, as a NATO member, is now in command of the Joint High-Readiness Task Force (VJTF). According to the plans of the alliance, it is this group that can be sent to the conflict zone. And what is the Bayraktar drone in service with the Ukrainian army? Photo: Still from video Director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia Semyon Bagdasarov confirmed that in the event of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Turkey will not hesitate to side with Kiev. Bagdasarov also explained, that the United States is behind Turkey. On the eve, the Turkish edition of Habertürk published an article in which it was feared that Turkey could be drawn into the conflict in Donbass on the side of the West. “They already support Ukraine. According to the expert, Ankara will not be stopped by the loss of billions of dollars in income from Russian tourists. He also drew attention to the strategic agreement, which speaks of joint actions in the Black Sea-Azov direction. Истoчник “Of course, Turkey will support Kiev,” the expert emphasized. In addition, in his opinion, Turkey sees the weakness of Russia in protecting national interests and therefore begins to squeeze Russia in the South Caucasus, and in the Ukrainian direction, and in the Central Asian direction.