Baron Lesh – Long Way Down Lyrics

And the word did tear and tear apart, the shadow crawled across my heart. Do you do in your life what’s wrong or right? So can you show me around? Can you take me now? The worse curse for never to be givin
The chance to realize, to understand the the word. Before the light had found my heart, I swore these words would tear apart
I bore this cross cross, I got the dark, I got the evil in my heart. All my life, futher to fly futher to fall
And it’s a long way down… The first curse, is worse than the first curse
Holds me here like the words. This grey surrounds your black and white. Cause the world wont wait… am I too late? A broken circle and the course was changed for evermore, for evermore…
The change I had found, had taken all my time
To late to turn back now.the choice was never mine.climbing at the speed of sound. And it’s a long way down
The long way around…
A seed is shown in an empty row, does deed alone have the means to show? Can’t know the dark to know the light. The blindness leads the blind.