Biden called the summit with Putin possible

Biden said he was considering the possibility of a summit with Putin According to the US President, “there is such a possibility.” He added that he considers three rounds of negotiations with Russian representatives on security guarantees to be fruitless. President Joe Biden said at a press conference that he considers it possible to hold a new summit with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Subscribe to RBC Twitter Get news faster than anyone else Истoчник At the same time, he threatened that if it escalated in Ukraine, Russia would face “tough economic consequences”, in particular, its banks would not be able to conduct transactions with dollars. A few days after this conversation, Putin said that he would like to see Biden again in person. The American president, for his part, said that he was counting on lengthy negotiations with his Russian counterpart. The conversation was entirely devoted to security guarantees. The heads of state then agreed to return the previously withdrawn ambassadors to Moscow and Washington and “launch a comprehensive bilateral dialogue on strategic stability.” Then the presidents held talks on December 7 online. Among other things, they contained proposals for non-expansion of NATO to the east at the expense of the countries of the former USSR and a ban on military activities in Ukraine. At the same time, the American president added that, in his opinion, the three meetings with Russia on security issues that took place in early January , did not bring results. The leaders agreed to support bilateral consultations on strategic stability. On January 10, 12 and 13, three rounds of negotiations between the United States and Russia took place in Europe, the Council of Russia — NATO and Russia and the OSCE. They ended without concrete results. In December, Russia submitted draft agreements on security assurances to the US and NATO. jpg” alt=”Biden calls summit with Putin possible” /> U.S. The Putin-Biden summit was held in Geneva in June 2021. “Yes, I still believe that such a possibility exists,” — he said, commenting on a series of consultations with representatives of the two countries on the situation around Ukraine. At the end of December, answering a question from journalists about whether a new meeting of heads of state was possible, he said: “We'll see.” During the past year, the presidents had several telephone conversations, the last one took place on December 31. According to Biden, during previous contacts with Putin, the presidents understood each other's positions.