Biden revealed Putin’s plan for Ukraine

The result turned out exactly the way it should be – a criminal case. And what if, in this case, we simply assume, for a moment, that the criminal case in which Musaeva is being tried exists and that she really did not come to the investigator for interrogations? Well and already on Sunday, the head of the Russian delegation at the talks in Vienna on military security and arms control, Konstantin Gavrilov, said that Russia would not tolerate when Ukraine and the West went on a provocation in the Donbass and attacked the Russians. But the father was not taken away – because he has the status of a judge. And now another week begins. For the good – we were covered by a wave of Omicron, which means that the end (of the pandemic, and not what you thought) is close. We remembered that our country is multi-confessional, and if only Christians are offended, other religions may consider themselves deprived. Strange, right? This was evident from other events of the week. The commander of the German Navy, Vice Admiral Kai-Achim Schönbach, incorrectly answered the question: “Whose Crimea?” And he was forced to retire. About what will happen next, what is Putin's cunning plan, Biden blabbed – they agreed among themselves. And, of course, the most curious moment – the United States asked not to publish their response to the Russian proposals. Russia, for the sake of order, receives in response such sanctions, so that Europe does not suffer fatally, and in Russia the people do not die of hunger. In our Palestinians, too, it was restless. Especially if you take into account the latest version – Moscow will install a puppet government in Kiev (oh, they would drink honey through the mouths of these dreamers). It turns out that Ukraine is being offered not to use a shovel especially, and Zelensky does not like it. Forced delivery is a perfectly legal phenomenon. Already undress everyone. Now perishing, apparently, on the next. So he answered: “Russia will have to answer if it attacks. Perhaps they are just not heroes of labor. Russia either took the families of diplomats out of Ukraine, or not normal mode – so-so refutation). We need to end this pandemic. They arrived, took them hostage – the law was not written for them. Lukashenka addressed the world behind the scenes in such a way: “I want to tell all these international swindlers: enough already. Well, let's attack? But you need to understand one simple thing: if they have a lot of bright funny things there, Silicon Valley, carbon neutrality, Elon Musk, and a higher standard of living, it does not at all follow that they want us to have all the same things. The current heroes of labor, as the past week has shown, have a huge salary. Let's start with the main thing – Vladimir Vladimirovich was practically invisible during the week. Next. Almost simultaneously, the Communists submitted to the Duma a draft resolution on the recognition of the DNR and LNR. And the Russians there (according to the passport at least) will soon be the vast majority of the population. Why? The fate of the world is being decided, but the president is not heard. That is, the law is still written. Although in this case there is something, to put it mildly, to complain about. On the same days, previously forgotten reports began again about how the Ukrainian military shelled the Donbass, and there were reports that nationalists (and the Armed Forces of Ukraine too) were pulling up forces to the borders of the unrecognized republics. But it is the Western press that breeds hysteria (either in the frost of tanks they are waiting for the crust to crunch under the tracks, then for the Beijing Olympics, then a naval invasion). There, through a message, the Kadyrovites are called henchmen of the Russian invaders on the land of the Chechen people. Истoчник Biden, perhaps, would also keep quiet, but for some reason they have a custom there for the head of state to constantly appear in public and answer questions. Secondly, because it makes it possible to continue to make a good face for the public – we supposedly gave a constructive answer, so this is Russia's goat's face (there is nothing new here, traditional games). Now the United States will either export its own, or not. Our pockets have already been turned out so much that there is nothing left. And not at all because he is fighting Kadyrov, his corruption and nepotism. Well, the most prosperous in our country will somehow manage without iPhones. I read it. Maria Zakharova said that Russia does not exclude military provocations from the United States and the Kiev regime. Moreover, if we are serious, the United States promised to give a written answer to the Russian ultimatum by the end of the week, and they are only waiting for it in order to comply with the formalities. That is, if not to Kiev, then you can. That is, quite simply summarizing, after the next Ilovaisky cauldron (although it would be better without it), Russia recognizes the DPR and LPR, and they decide in a referendum to become part of Russia. But what's the point in discussing a recipe for roasting piglet if it's already in the oven and you just have to wait until it cooks? And there is already confusion and vacillation – the commander of the German Navy, Admiral Kai-Achim Schönbach, was kicked out of service after he said that Putin deserves respect, and Crimea will never return to Ukraine. I didn't even go to bathe at Epiphany. In vain, after all, they canceled punitive psychiatry – after all, how many people could be helped … But the detention in Nizhny Novgorod of the mother of the Chechen human rights activist Yangulbaev, Zarema Musaeva, caused a special stir. Otherwise, according to a recent survey, our crooks also “turned our pockets so much that there was nothing left” – 44% of Russians would like to quit their jobs because of low salaries. Including why Yangulbaev receives such powerful support from domestic liberal figures? At the same time, Zelensky also made a speech that seemed strange at first glance: they say that the hysteria about the Russian invasion is pushing Ukraine to make concessions. But a lot will still depend on what exactly happens, it's one thing if it comes to a local invasion … Here we will have disputes about how to respond to this. Our government has gone remote, and in Britain, on the contrary, all coronavirus restrictions are being canceled, even the wearing of masks. The next bloggers, apparently having forgotten to take their pills, went to shoot naked at the mosque. The whole story is written about it. Enough already, they mocked people.” I take this opportunity to turn to Alexander Grigoryevich: tell ours too. But most importantly, the telegram channel, the administration of which is blamed on Yangulbaev, was recognized by the court as extremist. And again, it turned out that it would be considered exactly in time for the US response. It will be hard, of course. Because this answer, firstly, may not please Europe. Chaos, please. Well, it’s impossible to put it off any longer, to remain in this uncertainty: to clean the Christmas tree or not to bother – anyway, the war will write everything off? Do you need to explain anything else? A Week of Unfulfilled Expectations Another week has gone by and we still haven't attacked Ukraine.