Biden warned Putin about the reaction to the “little green men”

Moscow noted that the West is using this as an excuse to deploy more NATO military equipment near Russian borders. At the same time, Biden noted that Russia ” long history of other aggressive measures” that do not include direct paramilitary tactics. President Joe Biden said on Thursday that the U.S. Истoчник Photo: AP. Among such measures, Biden called “attacks from the” gray areas “when Russian soldiers do not wear uniforms.” The President of the United States assured that Washington would respond to all challenges that may come from Russia, including “little men in green uniforms, as well as cyber attacks.” Note that the Kremlin has repeatedly refuted the statement West and Ukraine that Moscow is allegedly preparing an “invasion” of Ukraine. U.S. response would be to Russia's “invasion” of Ukraine, as well as any other aggressive measures, such as the appearance of “little men in green uniforms.” “If the military will cross the border of Ukraine – this is an invasion,” Biden told reporters, adding that he warned Russian President Vladimir Putin during the negotiations that a serious economic response would follow.