Biden’s big wiring: they want to put Putin on his shoulder blades

If this happens, then the oldest leader in modern American history will turn into a lame duck, a person in office but not in power. The current head of state was branded as a person who “lost Afghanistan”. It has its own point of view and its own – completely different from ours – political optics. From the point of view of Russia – definitely not. Its rhetoric about the “red lines” is being turned against the GDP. I do not think that official Washington went to outright falsification of data on the movement of Russian troops on Russian territory. Known as again. We will find ourselves in a deep political impasse, if only we ourselves will make crazy political decisions, for which the USA accuses us of inclination. His own political perspectives, his reputation. But we must not dwell only on Kiev, become a “great power of one topic.” There are different ways to ensure the inviolability of your red lines. This is not how the American intelligence community works. Unknown anonymous sources of the Bloomberg agency, behind which the contours of the leading figures of the US administration are easily guessed, even announced a specific list of “hellish sanctions” that are about to fall on Russia: here and disconnecting us from the international banking system SWIFT, and stopping the exchange of the ruble for Western currency. The Kremlin needs to correctly understand the meaning of Biden's political game. Here you can act very “creatively” without fear of being grabbed by the hand and charged with a federal crime. Fanning the myth that a Russian bear that has gone off the rails is about to start devouring everyone around is a sure way to kill those doubts. Check out the leading Western media. But such an interpretation of what is happening is unprofitable for Biden. Joe Biden's most painful political defeat has practically disappeared from the global media agenda. Moscow has its own reasons to keep troops near the Ukrainian border. Let us recall the US-Australia submarine deal that left France with a nose and billions of lost profits. How to get rid of this stigma? The task of Russia in this situation is by no means to fuss. For Biden, Ukraine’s status is a deeply peripheral issue, a lever of pressure that they can turn on and off to achieve what is truly important to him. But interpreting Moscow's intelligence and political intentions is a completely different matter. Either a little or nothing at all. Washington presents it as proof that Moscow has “aggressive intentions.” There is nothing completely new in this approach of Biden. What really matters to Joe Biden? This gives rise to well-founded doubts about the notorious “American leadership”. If a sober and cold head is maintained, the current escalation of tensions will soon be forgotten – or will remain in memory as an example of how the Americans skillfully tried to separate Russia and use Putin's political weight to their advantage. No external force can force Russia to invade Ukraine. But the version, you see, is pretty slender. The following “oil painting” is beneficial to him: the elderly, but wise and energetic US president broke the whole game for “the villain Putin”, forced him to abandon aggressive intentions towards such an “outpost of democracy” as Ukraine, and “pacified the bully” with his own hand. Do all these “hellish” warnings make sense if Moscow does not have any Napoleonic and dangerous plans for itself with regard to official Kiev? In the Old World, fermentation has been gaining momentum for a long time. Is it possible for the sake of preventing such a prospect to go for the use of Ukraine as a chip in a big game? This is exactly the propaganda exhaust that Joseph Biden is seeking. How much is there now about Afghanistan? Of course, what I wrote is just a version. But here's the point: Biden is definitely not looking at what is happening from our point of view. This time Russia is being drowned in a very sophisticated and professional manner. To begin with, giving a clear answer to the question: what exactly is happening now? If my “reading” of what is happening is fair, then it turns out that the logical principle of Putin's favorite sport is being used against Russia: using the weight and actions of the enemy in their own interests. Whipping up passions around “Putin's villainous plans”, the US administration is simultaneously solving another important political task – the consolidation of Europe. If it is, then here is a ready-made diagram of such a great game. If, as “informed sources in Washington” say, preparations for “Russia's invasion of Ukraine”, then all the actions of the United States and Europe are quite logical: the Kremlin is warned and forced to abandon its “aggressive plans.” But what about the fact that these intentions attributed to Russia categorically do not correspond to our national interests? America already under the second president behaves very unpredictably and selfishly. The current president “presided over” such monstrous national humiliation as the rapid collapse of the pro-American regime in Afghanistan and the return of the Taliban to power in Kabul. Photo: AP Is the Russian bear diligently cornered with an eye on the demonstrative putting on a muzzle? In 2022, the US president is expected by mid-term congressional elections, as a result of which the Democratic Party may lose control over both the Senate and the House of Representatives. For our country, the issue of Ukraine's joining or not joining NATO is one of the main challenges in ensuring national security. It doesn't matter that all the supporting structures of this foreign policy catastrophe were laid down during the reign of Biden's predecessors. Understanding that in reality we were not cornered at all. Let's do it smart. For example, official Kiev needs to demonstrate that any attempt to seize the rebellious republics of Donbass by force is doomed to failure. The disaster itself happened during his watch. Russia's task is not to fuss On the eve of the video summit of Putin and Biden, the collective West has turned on the mechanisms of intimidation to the fullest. How exactly can a “sober and cool head” help Russia in the current situation? By exaggerating the topic of Ukraine, he not only raises his image, but also paralyzes Moscow's foreign policy activities across a wide range of world problems. A defeat in one region of the world is ousted from the mass consciousness (as well as the consciousness of the political elite) by a “victory” in another region of the planet. Calling the President of the Russian Federation during the already famous TV interview “the killer”, Biden also showed his toughness and tried to gain additional political weight. And if you sum up the foreign policy results of 2021 for America, then Biden, without any doubt, is an obvious political loser. Истoчник But now the game has reached a fundamentally different level. In case of fuss, we are guaranteed to “find ourselves under the client” – the same Biden. What can be opposed to this? Ukraine, Ukraine and again Ukraine are everywhere. Voters love to vote for the winners and strongly dislike casting their votes to obvious political losers.