Bild learned about the imminent recall of Ukrainian Ambassador Melnyk from Germany

According to the interlocutors of the newspaper, he may take the post of Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine. According to him, Germany “bears the same historical responsibility for Ukraine as it does for Israel.” Истoчник Members of the Bundestag from the Alternative for Germany party then they demanded that Melnyk be expelled from Germany. Andrey Melnik is highly appreciated for his work, — clarified the source of the publication in the government of Ukraine. Melnyk has been working as Ukraine's ambassador to the FRG for almost eight years now, and because of his harsh statements, including those addressed to the leaders of the FRG, he has repeatedly found himself at the center of high-profile scandals Andrey Melnyk Famous for his sharp and often scandalous Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk will be recalled to Kyiv, Bild reports, citing sources in Kyiv. In 1944 he was released and he emigrated to Munich, in 1959 he was killed by a KGB agent. Melnyk has been working as Ukraine's ambassador to Germany for almost eight years, he was appointed to this post in December 2014. Berlin then referred to its foreign policy position and refused to sell lethal weapons to Ukraine. “This proposal was made by the Ministry to the President of Ukraine. After that, he was imprisoned in Berlin. — RBC), because he is important to many Ukrainians as the personification of the struggle for freedom. A freedom fighter is not subject to any laws. This definition received a wide response in the German media, which described the attitude of the ambassador as a mockery. In January 2022, before the start of the NWO in Ukraine, Melnyk said that Germany was morally responsible for the future of Ukraine and therefore should sell defensive weapons to Kyiv. In early May 2022, Melnyk described German Chancellor Olaf Scholz as an “offended sausage” after he called the refusal of the Ukrainian authorities to receive German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier an obstacle to his visit to Kyiv. “We call on the [Germany] government to abandon the existing position, which from the point of view of morality is absolutely unnecessary, and urgently provide Ukraine with the necessary defensive weapons. In September 1939, after the German invasion of Poland, Bandera was released from prison and began to cooperate with German military intelligence. Robin Hood is revered by all of us, but he also did not act according to the laws,— Melnik said then. In 1934, Bandera was accused of organizing the assassination of the former Minister of the Interior of Poland, Bronisław Peracki, and imprisoned. We have the right to self-defense, — Melnik said then. In particular, the Israeli embassy said that these words “distort historical facts, diminish the significance of the Holocaust and insult the memory of those killed by Bandera and his people.” Read on RBC Pro Pro Moving backwards: why Netflix is ​​moving to a cable TV business model Where it will lead Articles Pro Import substitution of software and not burn out: tips to help save staff or companies. The phrase was taken from an old German idiom, similar to the Russian sayings “they carry water on the offended”, “you should not pout”, “only no offense.” “Pretending to be an offended liverwurst” not very state-of-the-art,— said then the ambassador of Ukraine. This statement caused a wide resonance. The latest scandal involving Melnyk occurred on June 29, when the Ukrainian ambassador in an interview with German journalist Tilo Jung, he said that the Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera was “the personification of the struggle for freedom.” “I visited his grave (in Munich. In April 1941 he was elected head of the OUN. Step-by-Step Instructions Pro How to Live to 120: Why PayPal Co-Founder Takes Growth Hormone Articles Stepan Bandera— one of the leaders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN, recognized as extremist in Russia and banned), as well as one of the initiators of the creation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA, also recognized as extremist and banned). According to him, Melnik can move from Berlin to Kyiv before the fall. In July 1941, he entered Lvov together with the Nazis and adopted the “act on the revival of the Ukrainian state.” Then Bandera disagreed with the Nazis in his views and was arrested in the same way.