Bloomberg named the reason for the reduction in Russian gas supplies to Europe

In autumn, the exchange price of gas has repeatedly peaked. If the buyer intends to purchase more gas than was agreed in advance, then he must pay already at the market price. Bloomberg writes about this, citing knowledgeable sources. 'Gazprom's long-term export contracts' arranged in such a way that the current surge in gas prices at hubs in Europe will be reflected in the prices of Gazprom in the first half of next year and will support the company's financial results for that period. By the evening of December 23, January gas futures on the London ICE exchange are traded at $ 1,485 per thousand cubic meters. During a large press conference on December 23, Vladimir Putin also stated that the claims against Gazprom due to a decrease in the volume of pumped gas and refusals to book additional capacities of transit gas pipelines are unreasonable. Bloomberg: Gazprom has cut gas supplies to Europe due to fulfillment of all obligations Large German energy companies have confirmed that Gazprom has fulfilled all of its contractual obligations. Gas futures for January are now trading at around $ 2,000 per thousand cubic meters. On Tuesday, December 21, prices reached another historic maximum, exceeding $ 2 thousand per 1,000 cubic meters. m passed the threshold of $ 2.2 thousand. Well it goes overboard! Complaint about Gazprom's actions Naftogaz submitted to the European Commission. “ I see these accusations against Russia and Gazprom, that Gazprom for the second or third day in a row, did not book traffic for gas supplies to Europe via this route. The drop in the volume of supplies was due to a decrease in customer demand, the agency's interlocutors explained. m. A number of major buyers contacted by Bloomberg have confirmed that Gazprom; fulfilled all my contracts. After all, he did not book this traffic, because those of his counterparties and companies, and these are primarily German and French, who buy gas along this route, did not submit purchase orders. So what to transit if there are no purchase requisitions? '' & Mdash; Putin reacted to the accusations. Subscribe to RBC's Instagram Get news faster than anyone Истoчник Export of Gazprom on the main transit route to Germany was practically stopped on December 21. The fact is that usually Gazprom and its counterparties set in advance the minimum volume of gas that is purchased at a price determined by a pre-agreed formula. This was announced by Uniper SE and another German energy company RWE AG. Later that same day, the cost of 1 thousand cubic meters. And it, in turn, has grown by about nine times over the past year. Accusations of this kind against Gazprom expressed, in particular, the Ukrainian “ Naftogaz ''. The reduction in gas supplies is connected not with price manipulation, but with the fact that counterparties do not want to exceed the limit limits. The company's strong financial performance has already been factored into its Baa2 credit rating, which is at the level of the country ceiling & mdash; this is the maximum possible for a company in Russia '', & mdash; says Artem Frolov, Vice President, Leading Analyst for the Oil and Gas Sector of Russia, Moody & rsquo; s. According to Kiev, the Russian gas giant has sharply reduced sales of its own gas in the European spot market, despite growing demand, and is limiting the ability of other companies to supply additional volumes of gas.