Bow Wow Wow – Roustabout Lyrics

BOW WOW WOWRoustabout Lyrics
I say, my honey, he looks so funny
Wearing a uniform, attached with chain and bone
I said, hello dear, was there a sort of fear
Reflected on his face, my wild boy’s in disgrace, he’s just
A rowling, reckless, restless roustabout – rou-rou-roustabout
He walked the lore and now he can’t get out – rou-rou-roustabout
I’ve seen my honey, he’s not so funny
A uniform of white, a caroussel at night
Who brings the glory, and tells the story
They’ll just think they’re smart, stay out of evil art
See he’s
Stop the pace, playboy
[Chorus: x 4]