Can they serve a summons if you are not at home?

One of the popular — about that the subpoena could allegedly be served in your absence. Rate the material Истoчник 53-FZ “On military duty and military service”, citizens subject to conscription for military service are required to receive subpoenas from the military commissariat against receipt. The decree on partial mobilization has given rise to many rumors. If they came to your home, but you are not there, then the delivery is physically impossible. Therefore, in your absence, no one can hand over a summons to the military registration and enlistment office. lawyer Smbat Alikhanyan, general director of a law firm, told if they can serve a subpoena in your absence. Can they serve you a subpoena if you are not at home? According to paragraph 2 of the latest edition of the Federal Law No. — No. In addition, it cannot be thrown into the mailbox or passed on through relatives.