Cardi B Sidestep Nicki Minaj Says She Wants To Collaborate With Lil Kim

Cardi B is one of the most genuine rappers both male and female in the industry. @iambijoustar caught up with Cardi B at the Z1079 Summer Jam 2017 backstage for some plead the 5th Q&A. @iamcardb answers all the questions without pleading the 5th including what female rapper she wants to collaborate with, what celeb she would date aside from Offset and also who she thinks has taken shots at her… Check out the full interview at click link in bio
A post shared by @z1079 (@z1079) on Sep 11, 2017 at 11:10am PDT So it’s always nice to catch her impromptu interviews and hear her realness. Both Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have publicly say good things about each other on social media, but some hip hop fans think that they quietly don’t like each other. This statement from Bardi only adds more fuel to the fire that she has a beef with the Young Money rapper. Aside from having the number three song in the country, Cardi is currently working on her upcoming album. During an interview with Z107.9, she was asked by Bijou Star which female rapper in the industry she would collaborate with. Cardi B goes look past Nicki Minaj and singles out Lil Kim as the female rapper she would want to collaborate with. She has always been genuinely about her feelings about a wide range of topics including her past life before becoming a household name in rap music. Or perhaps we will get a “Bodak Yellow” remix from KimboSlace. Check out footage from the interview below. Lil Kim is Nicki Minaj biggest enemy so, she the “Rake It Up” rapper hear that Bardi wants to collaborate with her nemesis and not her, she may feel some type of way or perhaps not. We might get that Lil Kim collaboration on that project, you never know. She was also asked who in the industry she would date aside from Offset and her response was a firm nobody. Cardi B always let it be known that if you diss her she will diss you back and she also is not afraid to let you know that she will throw some hands. “I would do it with KimboSlace (Lil Kim) because she is someone I always look up to,” she said.