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For some extra info on cats and even some more   zines, visit   Cats & Zines; it will bring   meaning to your fickle existence. Here’s   what I looked like after reading it:


‘One of the most attractive features of cats is that contentment is their default state. Flame.  

It is a well established fact that we don’t get along with the big D. *drops mic*
Typo out. I told him the story and he said “Oh, that was your trauma, was it?” I said yes. ‘Zine’ is such a funny word. I hide them good. She gets it. Not Cool. They are comfortable with themselves and their lives, and remain in that condition for as long as they are not threatened. The name says it all. Here’s an extremely accurate test that will undoubtedly prove which side you’re on. You could say that. I hide all your socks. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Typo, the cat. I can wait. Point. I prefer string toys. I said it was nice but it had been partly spoiled for me by the loss of our cat. She was looking at her mother’s permed hair, which resembled molded plastic.’ This Joy Williams   story on Catapult   is amazing. I love zines. The writer had considered buying the house we were living in and he wanted to know how we liked it.  

Do you like zines? I would bait a Have-a-Heart trap with a bit of sardine on a saucer and put it out in the yard just before retiring.  

‘On the day he killed his master, Sebastian made his way to the city in the middle of the evacuation.’ Robert Repino wrote Mort(e), a very enlightening book   on what might happen if you guys don’t behave. Zzzzine. But c’mon, Lillian.  
OMG that cat is totally   having a go at that cop car! In the morning, I would hurry out in my bathrobe, and if I was successful, which I almost always was, I’d place the trap with its disbelieving victim on the step at the shallow end of the swimming pool and in less than thirty seconds, maybe twenty, that would be that.”   Toby was barely listening to her. Sibilants   make my whiskers tremble. “I had a system going. As if it has ever been a competition. When they are not eating or sleeping, they pass the time exploring and playing, never asking for reasons to live. Think Behemoth with a pinch of ginger.  

Have fun, get a new buddy! Go on, watch it. Cool.  

Just wanna leave some shout outs for my cat crew: Maru likes boxes;   Mochi is my bro; Simba is my bro’s bro (we found each other on instagram. True story);   Chez is short for Chester;   Sunny is just beautiful 😻;   Jack Jack is just incredible;   Missy disapproves of all of you. Not. Actually, think Behemoth if he were blue-eyed and all white with a dash of orange, otherwise known as   a flame-point. Doesn’t matter. Cats need love, in whichever form it comes. Nothing like Behemoth, then. My favourite is Cats Hate Cops.  

‘Six months after Gattino disappeared my husband and I were sitting in a restaurant having dinner with some people he had recently met, including an intellectual writer we both admired. I read your books while you sleep. Puhlease. Just press play. The New Yorker put together a Cats Vs Dogs debate;   guess who wins. Life itself is enough for them.’ John Gray dropping some truth bombs for the New Statesman. Yes, it was a trauma.’ From the Grrrranta archive, this essay by Mary Gaitskill is deeply   moving.  

In Alain Resnais’s 1968 film, Je t’aime, je t’aime (I Love You, I Love You), Olga Georges-Picot reveals the true purpose of human beings in this world. Unlike human beings – particularly of the modern variety – they do not spend their days in laborious pursuit of a fantasy of happiness. Don’t insult us. I feel for Gattino.  

‘Cats teach you the truth about intimacy: you can never know what is in the mind of another being.’   Ariel Levy dixit. In any case, here are two pawsome (yes, I went there) cat stories:

‘Lillian was telling her daughter about the period in her life when she killed cats.