Chief Keef & Mike Will Made-it – Harley Quinn Lyrics

Hardly friends (None)
The teacher told me, “You ain’t wanna come to school
Why the f*ck you tardy then?” (Huh, huh)
Went to school for shit, ’cause them bitches didn’t taught me shit (Ouu)
Grandpa took me fishin’ one time, and I ain’t caught me shit (Nah, nah, nah)
When I ain’t have it, I asked for a pack and bitch ass niggas wouldn’t throw me shit (Nah, huh, huh, huh)
Now I can return your whole pack, yeah, bitch, I’m on my Kobe shit
Lil nigga, that ain’t how you ball, I can see you on yo’ Lonzo shit (Bih, bih, bih, bih, bih)
I’m in the woods smokin’ big ‘Woods, I can see you on yo’ Fronto shit (Dope)
Lil nigga, I’ll take your shit from you before I ask you to front yo’ shit (Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh)
Pulled up flexin’ like the man
She say she see me on my Macho shit (Skrrt) [Intro]
(Yung, ‘Rari)
Turn the lights off real quick
So you could see the shit still blingin’
Caught a   fox,   cut his tail   off (Bang)
Seen a rat, stomped his   head off (Come here)
Blue Summer, turn into a red Fall
Make a nigga run fast, call ’em Sonic Hedgehog (Brrt)
We let off some shots, they gon’ all be dead (Bang)
I told my daughter stop breakin’ off her Barbie heads (Duh-duh-duh)
I know they mad I’m livin’, because they want me dead (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Girly ass nigga, break you like a Barbie leg (Huh)
p*ssy ass boy (Huh), get that bitch a Barbie pen (Yeah)
You don’t want gang up in yo’ shit? Don’t have a party then (Bitch)
If it went down quick, bitch, it’s probably sent (Sent)
Air the whole spot out, we make the party trend (Bang, bang, bang, ayy, ayy)
I just purchased two of the same guns, they probably twins (Bang, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
She sayin’ I ain’t shit, then she sayin’ that I’m probably is (Ayy, ayy, huh, ayy, ayy, huh, ayy, ayy)
I just met a bitch named Pam and f*cked her just like Tommy did (Like Tommy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Yeah I know my daddy, but that nigga never bought me shit
(Bitch, yeah)
A bitch just did her makeup, she lookin’ just like Harley Quinn (Woo)
We’ll chop yo’ body up and put it in a garbage can (Bang, bang, bang, bang)
Went through my contacts, and what I seen?