Chinese scientists find radioactive potassium-40 in bananas

This is negligible ', & ndash; explained the scientists, adding that computed tomography of the chest for this indicator is equivalent to 70 thousand bananas. Bananas contain a radioactive element. Experts found out that in addition to ordinary potassium, bananas contain its isotope & mdash; potassium-40, a source of ionizing radiation. Previously, the nutritionist told about the risks of excessive consumption of apples. Истoчник However, there is very little of it in fruits. Fruit, among other substances, contains many organic acids that speed up metabolism. Scientists from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Zhang Xiaotian and Liao Jie told about this in a material for WeChat. “ The dose of radiation received when eating one banana is about 0.0778 microsievert. But in addition to the benefits, they can lead to unpleasant sensations when it comes to people with high acidity.