Chip – Little Black Book (The Interlude) (League Of My Own II Album)

Yeah, you know what yeah
I was even gonna have a deeper reasoning with you about
You know the litty commitee gang that come up, come around
When it’s Litty commitee but you over stand the ting so I know that there’s certain things
If I say, like you ready
You know them ones there
Just to touch on it whilst we’re on the subject
Like, I don’t know if you remember
Like way back, when you were like um
Them times where you were drilling yeah
It was, I was just like see make sure you keep a little black book
For these mo’fuckers that are tryna’ wrong you in the time of need
You know them ones there
There the guys that I can’t stand
You know like obviously, man you were building up to your ting
You know dem ones there
You know people they try to pull you down and
Even if they’re not tryna pull you down
They’re just not tryna give us positive guidance
You know them ones there
But now they probably have all the positivity words in the world fam
And again, it goes without saying
I’m sure you’ve got the black book secured in your head
And just take note, cuz not even to bring negativity to the board
But certain people get too much easy rides around here
You know them ones there
And I know you feel it sometimes as well so
I’m glad that you’re conscious about that
But yeah man, just get back to fucking business fam
Face off in the city, get all that city type of energy
It will do you good man, and just good luck with the meeting
I seen the picture so, I knew things were moving steady
You know them ones there
But yeah man, just a quick check in
Everythin’ kriss, everythin’ bless