Comedian Timur Batrutdinov’s condition has improved – Mash

Истoчник At first, he had a cough and weakness. Then his condition worsened and he was admitted to the hospital. According to the Telegram channel, in recent days, the degree of lung damage has decreased from CT2 ( 25-50% are affected) before CT1 (less than 25%). Earlier it was reported that the 43-year-old showman fell ill on December 9. Gained popularity after participating in the Comedy Club project, where he was one of the first residents, performing with Garik Kharlamov. Timur Batrutdinov, hospitalized with COVID-19 on December 18, is on the mend, Mash reports. Timur Batrutdinov & mdash; showman, artist and comedian. However, doctors note an increase in lesions in the upper part of the lungs, which is why the artist's saturation has dropped to 95%. “ Because of this picture, Batrutdinov was prescribed hormone therapy, '' & mdash; specified in Mash. In 2015, he became the main character of the show “ The Bachelor '' on TNT channel. Also, current blood tests show a slight deviation from the norm. & Nbsp; Over the years, Batrutdinov starred in various television programs, including Circus with Stars, “ Ice Age, Dancing with the Stars, The Mask and others.