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There is good stress as well as bad stress, no? Clicking on the image will load the source page. to a book blog near you: today’s post on Postcards and their calming properties. Coming soon………….. Or was it futile? Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterestEmailPrintGoogleLike this:Like Loading… This shadowy fox comes from the Flickr photostream of Rebecca Siegel, and is reproduced here under a Creative Commons licence. Related Thank you for your patience. And there is being short of sleep because the outcome of the election has been so astonishing, so unforeseen, and, yes, so exciting in a good way, that I just had to try and stay awake (not wholly successfully, it has to be said). So, my apologies – today’s post will appear, but much later in the day when I’m fully awake, have processed what’s happening, and my (good) stress levels begin to subside. This week on Vulpes Libris has been about books that keep us calm and reduce our stress levels during a fractious, futile and needlessly prolonged UK election campaign. …..