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I think it will be mulberry shortcake, following my mother’s blackcurrant shortcake recipe. Friday 14 July:   Hilary relishes a cookery book in which Jonathan Meades’s trademark erudition, spleen and wit leap off every page,   The Plagiarist in the Kitchen. While I am making up my mind, please consider the cookbooks we have laid out in front of you. In previous years – all of them – we’ve had about ten berries, tops. Mulberry tarts? Can’t get double cream in Belgium, only crème onctueuse, which while as delicious as it sounds, doesn’t whip like double cream does. This year we already have a large freezer bag full, with more pickings to come if the birds allow it. Jam? Maybe. This sounds very English, but it was in Brussels, though the tree was originally English. Butter pastry would be needed. There’s also an ant in there somewhere. Preferred soundtrack while reading: the sound of silence. I am contemplating recipes. This year it suddenly decided that it is after all a fruit-bearing tree. Mulberry fool? It’s lived in the sandy soil that underlies most of Brussels for thirteen years, looking shapely, leafy and quite happy as a useful strategic perch for the birds. Probably not enough fruit. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterestEmailPrintGoogleLike this:Like Loading… Monday 10 July: Kate studies   Christina Ward’s Preservation: The Art and Science of Canning, Fermentation and Dehydration
Thursday 13 July: Moira takes a sentimental journey through her family’s old cookbooks. Coming Up on Vulpes Libris: Cookbooks
This morning I was picking black mulberries in my garden. The mulberry-leaf rash on my arms is already fading, and my fingers are stained indelibly. View all posts by Kate → Preferred occupation while listening to podcasts: cooking or knitting. Kate’s photo of her bowl, mulberries and living-room floor. It was a present   from friends seventeen years ago, and we carried it with us in a pot for several house moves. Related

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