Coming Up on Vulpes Libris

Please click through to find out how this wonderful fox was created! A miraculous and fragile salt-crystal fox presides over this Vulpes Libris week. Related

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thegreatfish February 3, 2017

I, of course, want Friday on Thursday. On Monday, we share what makes us laugh – essential therapy at the moment; and on Friday, we learn of a transworld book share – reading without borders, something that the Foxes just have to get behind. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterestEmailPrintGoogleLike this:Like Loading… Talis est vita. Friday: Kate took part in a book-giving chain, and Giovanni’s Room is the first book she received from someone in Germany. Wednesday: New Fox in the Den Diana brings us a very welcome piece on Colette. Monday: In these blue days of winter, the Foxes talk about what books made them laugh. Clicking on the image will load the source page. Today’s salt-crystal fox is taken from the Flickr photo stream of Daniel Chang, and is reproduced here under a Creative Commons licence. Coming Up on Vulpes Libris
Right now, when the world seems to be falling apart, the Foxes want to share with you a week of what sustains us and gives us joy, in the hope that it will do the same for our readers.