Coming Up: Science Fiction Week

We’ll be wandering across those boundaries and back, because in speculative fiction, which embraces both, there are no real boundaries. Coming Up: Science Fiction Week
This is the week of May the Fourth, so the Foxes are rolling around joyously in the mixed metaphors and timeless plots of science fiction. I   have not yet come across a Foxes In Space story, but I see no reason why they shouldn’t exist. Let me count the ways …. Preferred soundtrack while reading: the sound of silence. Monday 1 May: Jackie is intrigued by the idea of tame dinosaurs in Victor Milan’s The Dinosaur Lords. One of the joys of science fiction is its capacity to create spaces for experimentation, for renewal, for testing boundaries and for rewriting old stories in nifty, shiny fabrics that don’t rip or get dirty. Share this:TwitterFacebookPinterestEmailPrintGoogleLike this:Like Loading… Wednesday 3 May:   Moira remembers the summer of ’87 and the cult BBC television classic that died of neglect. View all posts by Kate → But what is science fiction? Related

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Blogger, lecturer, podcaster, writer, critic, reviewer, researcher (in no particular order) in and on British literary history. Friday 5 May:   Simon takes a rare step into science fiction with H G Wells’ 1910 novel The Sleeper Awakes. Plan your escape with us. Thursday 4 May: How do I love thee,   Star Wars? Preferred occupation while listening to podcasts: cooking or knitting. Miriam DeFord defined fantasy fiction as plausible impossibilities, and science fiction as improbable possibilities.