Complex lunch with Putin: outwardly delicious, inside – so-so

But without such management surrealism begins in general. Another company boasted that it had released new small unique drones to survey hard-to-reach places – for example, bridges, nuclear power plants or launch pad for space rockets. That is, the budget (you and I) simply paid for the enrichment of a handful of people again. In Kuzbass, after a terrible accident, it was decided, as part of the struggle for security, to introduce … the oath of a miner. Why is Vladimir Vladimirovich's intervention necessary to start trains from Yoshkar-Ola not only to Moscow, but also to other cities? She once founded a company that, as they say, stood at the origins of the revival of the domestic machine tool industry. But, nevertheless, thank God, Putin finally said clearly and distinctly: this is all, what used to be the Soviet Union (with the exception of the Baltic States, he briefly let it slip at a press conference about 12 republics), this is ours, don’t fuss … You will get a donut hole, not Ukraine into NATO. The bosses there made very good money, fled, and the company was in debt as if in silks. But if on the outer track you can't get enough of it, then on the inner track, not everything is so simple. And he confirmed it with a salvo launch of Zircon missiles. After the arrest with the revival, much became clear – Kaledin is suspected of supplying defense enterprises with Chinese machine tools under the guise of Russian, and even at an inflated cost. Of course, under such conditions, a complex lunch is easier. This is when, if you like borscht, you cannot refuse jelly. On the one hand, manual oligarchic capitalism, on the other, NATO is advancing. Is it Putin who heads the Ministry of Health in our country? But isn't the authorities of Buryatia able to cope on their own? Well, now the explosions in mines will stop because of the actions of their owners? Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova Why it took so long to identify our interests in the post-Soviet space is a separate, large and complex question. But these are questions of the scale of the country. It was quite possible to practice finding a middle way last week. Vladimir Vladimirovich not only speaks, but also congratulates everyone on the record in Russia in terms of housing commissioning. It's just that I'm already sick … Истoчник Right in the presence of working comrades, the miner will swear to be worthy of the profession, strive to create the safest working conditions in the workplace, not to allow accidents and accidents to be hidden, and so on. (We voted for the Constitution according to this scheme, if you remember.) Therefore, as soon as a person declares his support for Putin, he immediately turns out to be a supporter of the war with Ukraine and the retrograde. Breakthrough and innovation! And in 2022 the term of the average mortgage loan will reach 23 years – almost a third of the average life expectancy of Russians. Vladimir Putin's big final press conference, 23.12.2021. But why exactly should Putin solve the problem of supporting the creators of unique exoskeletons near Volgograd? What does Putin have to do with it? But only the most famous Chinese shopping site sells exactly the same ones for about 4 thousand rubles. President's News of the Week One of the amazing problems of our mass public conscience is the problem of a complex meal, which has not yet been eliminated. First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov later answered instead of Putin. Although, logically, the more housing there is, the cheaper it should be. Yes, major accident, serious situation. Why is the president's intervention needed to eliminate the accident at the TPP-1 in Ulan-Ude? This is a cool thing, thanks to which the girl, who could not hold a spoon, became the Paralympic swimming champion. An entrepreneur Diana Kaledina was detained in Moscow this week. And vice versa – if a person does not support Putin, then he is against Russia, a foreign agent and, most likely, sodomite. But for some reason, the next day the numbers appear: in 2021, there are no regions left in Russia where the average term of a newly taken mortgage is less than 18 years. This is where the common man should go? He said that Rusnano will be supported by the government – according to him, the authorities have already drawn up a concrete plan for resolving the current situation. Vladimir Vladimirovich did not answer the question of whether the state would pay under the guarantees that were given against the loans attracted by Rusnano (Chubais). And this is a consequence of the rise in prices for housing in the absence of growth in incomes of citizens. After all, literally in a couple of days, it was decided to launch the trains – there was no need to build any junction, it was only necessary to listen and satisfy the needs of people. This, according to local authorities, will increase the responsibility of miners.