Czech President appoints new Prime Minister

Subscribe to YouTube RBK Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our YouTube channel Истoчник They nominated Peter Fialu for the post of prime minister, today the president appointed him Petr Fiala The President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman has appointed the leader of the opposition coalition” Together ” Petra Fialu is the new prime minister after the coalition won elections in October, Czech Radio reports. So, in the room where the event was held, there were two entrances, and the room itself was divided by transparent plexiglass. In total, they received 108 seats out of 200 in parliament. The political movement “ Action of dissatisfied citizens '' (ANO), which was headed by the previous Prime Minister Andrei Babish, gained 27.17% of the vote. Coalition Together, which includes the opposition Civic Democratic Party, Christian Democratic Union Czechoslovak People's Party '' and Tradition Responsibility Prosperity 09 received the most votes (27.79%). He was hospitalized in the intensive care unit, and was transferred to the usual ward of the president on November 4. For example, in 2018, he argued that there is no reason to ease sanctions pressure yet, since Russia, in his opinion, is still “ occupying '' Crimea. Parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic were held in early October. The ceremony took place at the country residence of the head of state in the Lana Palace, not far from Prague. Fiala could only communicate with the President via audio. (15.62% of the votes). The new Czech prime minister was earlier spoke in support of the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Europe. Due to the fact that Zeman tested positive for coronavirus two days ago, the ceremony was held in accordance with the strictest sanitary standards, according to the radio station. Pyotr Fiala received his degree in history and philology at Masaryk University, and since 2002 has been a professor of political science. In 2013, he joined the Civil Democratic Party, was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in Parliament. The head of state was discharged two days later. At the beginning of 2014, Fiala was elected chairman of the party, after which he was re-elected several times. The opposition coalition Together won elections in October and formed a government with two other parties. However, a few hours later, the 76-year-old president was again taken to the hospital, as his test for coronavirus was positive. Milos Zeman was hospitalized immediately after the elections, on October 10, due to an exacerbation of a chronic illness. Zeman was discharged on November 25, but it was recommended to organize observation and medical assistance for him. She formed a new government with a coalition that included the Czech Pirate Party and the Elders and Independents movement.