D Block Europe – Crypto’s & Crime lyrics

to Ladywood, Lozelles Never meant to hurt you, I meant well Even faced in the worsest, I can’t tell I hold these morals so close in my heart, pay attention to every detail I just went to the jewellery store, walked out with an Audemars You ever see gun Jakes and you got it on you? D Block Europe Crypto’s & Crime lyrics D Block Europe – Crypto’s & Crime lyrics [Intro: Dirtbike LB] Home Alone 2, narsayee? Yeah [Verse 1: Dirtbike LB] I sent a prayer for you ’cause I been there and I mean well (Yeah) I’m tryna hear the truth, I want everything with the details My ni**a [?] and the gang go missing my ni**a gon’ rebel The same position Patek and I’m grippin’, I’ve been in LB’s world My diamonds, they glow in the dark, space invade, I’m fly My body is covered in scars, she just wanna know why I spent half a milli in March, just let the money multiply She got arse, the prettiest thighs Trappin’ out Albert Heijn Cryptos and ice (Ice), cryptos and crime Dior slippers, she got new nails, in the fast lane I hate sipping, put the cup down ’cause I’m past pain (I’m past it) Patek Philippe is a must, AP fully buss (Yeah) A hundred pack on the Patek, step with the shooters in Paris She step in my Porsche with the big thighs, automatic (Skrrt) Exchange the pain for a Xanny (Yeah) I’m switchin’ lanes on the molly [Verse 2: Young Adz] Yeah, in a ideal world, girl, I guess time will tell I done hit my cells from? That’s an awkward one Only Rollie’s, I’m rocking the 41’s, RM’s an important one 18K presidential, Eid Mubarak, bought my daughter one Multiple colours, Chanel, she puttin’ her foot on the pedal, accel’ Public appreciation, you came in my life and you changed up my world All of the fiends, they all know me well Pourin’ up lean, I move like a snail I’m pickin’ this girl over everyone else Eight bags on this drum, I need one hundred bells Twenty-five thousand and it’s green, P&L One-hundred thousand and it’s green, P&L Still got Cali through the mail Adaan and madow there as well I’m just playin’ Warzone in my hotel And I sent her out to go do her nails Cryptos and ice, crypto’s and crime Cryptos and ice, crypto’s and crime (Yeah) Cryptos and ice, crypto’s and crime Cryptos and waps, crypto’s and— [Outro] ni**as came out the fu*kin’ mud Flippin’ 10K to fu*kin’ M’s Wolf of Market’s taken over, they’re not even ready for what’s about to come, man Shuttin’ this Crypto game down for real Wolf of Markets takin’ over this Crypto stuff Turnin’ grands to M’s They’ve never seen nothin’ like this before, man, trust me We’re the new age D Block Europe – Crypto’s & Crime lyrics lyrics.az