Daily Express: British troops ready to evacuate from Ukraine in case of Russian invasion

“The military leadership will conduct a thorough anal from the impact of any interference on the ability to withdraw the British military, we cannot allow them to be trapped there, “- said the source of the publication. Истoчник www.mk.ru The interlocutor of the publication explained that in the near future London will conduct an analysis of the situation related to the Orbital operation to train the Ukrainian military in order to guarantee the “safe withdrawal” of British instructors from the country if Russia will decide to go on the offensive. Military instructors from Great Britain, who are deployed in the city of Yavoriv, ​​Lviv region, in case of a possible invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, will be evacuated to Poland , writes the Daily Express tabloid. According to the source, the decision to evacuate will be made by the Chief of Staff of Joint Operations of the British Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Charles Strickland, who is reported twice a day about the situation on the Ukrainian-Russian border.