Delta Sleep – Dotwork Lyrics

No one knows Rumour has it no one’s ever been
At times you realise this wasn’t how you wrote your life in classroom exposés
And looking at the sky should alleviate the worst in us, not keep it trapped inside
Pack your things and leave
Head for the border, whatever is outside The City. Wide awake in bed at 4:16am
Trying to grab a hold of thoughts around her head
Constant existential questions have been keeping her from living free
Living through a screen for most part of the day
The City holds her dreams in all too many ways
Wondering what’s beyond The City’s endless limits. Please tell me these buildings don’t go on forever
It’s for sure, whatever existence is out there can’t be any worse than this one already is
Wait, I’ll follow but first I need the time to go find a place we see the sunset and more than just three stars. I know you’re down with that
There must be more to life than concrete walls, with endless corridors
So push aside your biggest regrets, to learn your mother tongue
We’ve still got time for that. There must be more to life than concrete walls