Dillon Francis – Say Less Lyrics

(What you wanna do now?)
Look baby, pass the Stella
Don’t spill on me, that’s Margiela
Got this Oakland game to tell her
Goddamn, she look familiar
Think we hooked up at Coachella
What’s her name? Yes on yes on yes on yes Isa- uhhh… forget it
That’s like a week ago
But we both know how weekends go
Tryna function, got some places we could go
Lock jaw got me speakin slow like
I’m blessed on blessed
I don’t GAFOS
You tryna f**k? DILLON FRANCISSay Less Lyrics
Dylon, Dylon with the boom pow
Every week now I switch to a new style
Two 12’s in the back just blew out
Everything I do end up in the news now
Leave the club with a few now
Just some Hollywood girls and they do chow
I’m drunk, I’m drunk in the mood now
2 AM what you wanna do now? Isabella?