Do I need to give scaffolding for building?

Formally, we & nbsp; “ move '' suburban forests in & nbsp; a different place, but & nbsp; in & nbsp; in general, their area is shrinking. For example, Irkutsk is actively expanding, so suburban forests are being cut down to make way for new buildings. I'm not & nbsp; no longer & nbsp; talking about & nbsp; that in & nbsp; cities and & nbsp; instead of boulevards, arrangement of new parks and & nbsp; squares, restoration of urban forests, we & nbsp; most often build cold stone embankments. The opinion of the author may not be the same as that of the editorial board < p> Истoчник Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. adopted a new Forestry Code, our number of foresters has sharply decreased. There are fewer and fewer suburban forests. And & nbsp; it is closely related to & nbsp; one trouble & nbsp; & mdash; forest fires that provoke in & nbsp; including & nbsp; “ black lumberjacks '' to hide the traces of the crime. Not cheap help 01/12/2021 The Ministry of Natural Resources proposes to allow the construction of hotels and & nbsp; recreation centers in & nbsp; forests. This is true for most cities, especially industrial centers. But & nbsp; do we want & nbsp; do we & nbsp; live in a & nbsp; concrete jungle? Hotels on & nbsp; forest lands are beneficial, most likely, to big business, and & nbsp; not & nbsp; small entrepreneurs, municipalities and & nbsp; local residents. Green Belts around them are shrinking due to the fact that the cities grow in breadth. One of & nbsp; them & nbsp; & mdash; frames. Let's take Baikal. In & nbsp; including & nbsp; this caused another problem & nbsp; & mdash; Illegal felling blossomed in a luxuriant color. So we & nbsp; will be able not & nbsp; only to save the forest, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; to develop these villages & nbsp; & mdash; create infrastructure and & nbsp; new jobs specifically for local residents, and & nbsp; not & nbsp; for nonresidents. What more will this initiative bring & nbsp; & mdash; harm or benefit? 48. & Nbsp; In the & nbsp; forestry and & nbsp; there are so many problems that need to be addressed. On & nbsp; paper, they are declared, but & nbsp; in fact, the green area is decreasing. We are talking about & nbsp; leased for recreational activities forest fund plots. Since & nbsp; since & nbsp; forests have no such supervision as they were before and & nbsp; as they should be. Sochavy SB & nbsp; RAS : & mdash; The idea of ​​the Ministry of Natural Resources cannot be assessed unambiguously. After in & nbsp; 2006 & nbsp; g. I & nbsp; think that if & nbsp; to build camp sites and & nbsp; holiday homes here, then & nbsp; you need to do it within the & nbsp; borders of the villages, of which there are quite a lot, trying not & nbsp; to capture natural, forest areas. It is clear that this initiative is aimed at the & nbsp; development of tourism. At the same time, the composition of suburban areas includes other forest areas. Tatiana Kalikhman, Leading Researcher at the Institute of Geography. But & nbsp; need to consider each case separately.