Double divorce. Kokorin and Mamaev left their wives who were waiting for them from prison

All by mutual desire! Loyal spouses After his release, Mamaev signed a contract with Rostov, where he made his debut brightly, but quickly faded out. A few days later, the woman posted on Instagram: “We're getting a divorce! The chance to start over is still & mdash; in another area and now with other women. After that, Alexander unexpectedly moved to the Italian Fiorentina, becoming the club's third highest salary. Friendship and prison October 7, 2018 after the Zenit match & mdash; Krasnodar in St. The merry night, which turned into the same morning, was accompanied by beating at first the driver of the host of Channel One. Divorce peacefully and without scandals! Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin in recent years have been perhaps the most famous Russian footballers. “In terms of personal relations, our paths parted, and this happened a long time ago.” However, the family boat did crash. Nevertheless, they did not speak directly about the parting. We fought, I often gave him terrible tantrums, and he silently left. This female devotion moved many and added sympathy from the & nbsp; society to Pavel and Alexander. Sources claim that Alexander can reunite with Mamaev at Khimki, but for this he will have to agree to a salary cut sixfold at once. Consider this an official statement! Especially after he and Daria unsubscribed from each other on social networks. I hope you don't have any more questions. The first, having played for Sochi, then signed a contract with Spartak, for which he spent only 10 matches, scoring only two goals. Someone will say that this is quite enough, but I miss it. I did for myself a printout of all the transfers that I made from the moment we made the decision to divorce. The total amount & mdash; more than 11 million rubles. For three seasons, the midfielder played about 20 matches, and the contract with him was not renewed. Perhaps they will still be dusting together in Khimki, but they will not be looked at as masters, but as “the very ones who have served time.” But life does not end with football. First, Alana, and then Pavel himself began to tell journalists a lot of hard-hitting stories about each other. '' Mamaev is now 33, Kokorin & mdash; 30. The couple began dating in 2013, in 2017 they had a son, but even after that, the civil marriage did not become official. He knows very well that 30 thousand for our children & mdash; this is not enough … I will fight all injustice to the last. Who, by the way, was not delighted with the adventures of Kokorin, noticing to reporters that Alexander “ is not a son-in-law, but just the father of his grandson. At the moment when the players were behind bars, they were desperately defended by their spouses. However, in two seasons in Italy, he did not play even a dozen matches, did not score a single goal & nbsp; and became a strong irritant for local fans who believe that the club was simply deceived by selling him a completely useless Russian. & nbsp; & mdash; Therefore, it is difficult to call it a divorce. '' Nevertheless, as already mentioned, Valitova supported her civil husband in difficult days for him. '' Civil marriage Compared to the Mamaevs, Kokorin and Valitova were much quieter. But he did not disappear, he called again. I will not allow them to take my children away and give me some meager pennies for living. Drives a Bentley over 20 million, has a Range Rover for 15 million … I don't want to share anything with her, let her take everything from me … I called my daughter via video link a couple of weeks ago. In the summer of 2021, Valitova wrote on Instagram: “ Now is a very difficult time for me … I am not used to talking about such things out loud or in public … But there are things that cannot be kept in oneself … Betrayal of a loved one, probably the hardest thing that can happen to each of us … It looks like a little death, when something stops inside, some mechanisms stop working and the cold sets in … Right now I'm not ready to talk about it and go into details, since emotions prevail over reason and common sense, it is just important for me to fix this and make a certain life lesson … The time will come, and I will talk about it openly as never before … '' & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; View this post on Instagram & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Publication from Alexander Kokorin & bull; # К91 (@kokoringram) There was practically no doubt that we were talking about Kokorin. In May 2019, Alexander Kokorin was sentenced to one year and six months in prison, and Pavel Mamaev & mdash; to one year and five months in prison. Apparently, Kokorin is also expecting an early return home, because in Italy they are tired of him. We met again and fought again. Even before Kokorin went to prison, Daria said: “ At first, our relationship did not go well. Because, in addition to products, there is still a lot of related things that children need, especially since school is coming soon. As a result, Kokorin and Mamaev ended up in the dock. About people like them, they say & mdash; “ play out ''. I must say that Daria never felt dependent on Alexander & mdash; the girl has a wealthy father. Mamay's slaughter: how Alana and Pavel parted In March 2021, Alana announced that her husband was cheating on her during training camps. “ She puts up screenshots that I am transferring 30 thousand rubles each, & mdash; answered Pavel, & mdash; but does not mention that I transferred 10 million to her. Apparently, the girl treasured the relationship and was ready to forgive her beloved a lot. And now, in December, Daria decided to answer on the social network a direct question from one of the subscribers: “ Have you divorced Alexander? I will not allow them to take away the cars my children drive, this small apartment … Moreover, I will find all the money that he has hidden for 8 years, and I will get everything that belongs to me by law '', & raquo ;, & raquo ;, & mdash; Alana thundered. The lawyers are already working! “ At the moment, Pasha is sending me 12-30 thousand for food for children. I do not apply for the division of property, I do not ask for alimony, I allow to see the children at any time of the day or night! Sasha was some kind of stubborn, stubborn, probably considered himself a star. Petersburg, old friends went to Moscow to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their acquaintance. Kokorin and Mamaev were released in the fall of 2019. But in terms of personal relations, our paths diverged, and this happened a long time ago. Now Pavel has moved to Khimki. During this period, the couple received more attention than all other Russian footballers combined. Suddenly, Alana enters in the background and says the following phrase: “ Alice, do not forget that your dad is scum, and next to him is another scum. Even for the participation of players in football matches in the “ zone '' watched almost as closely as the games of the Russian national team. Vitaly Solovchuk , and then Director of the Department of Automotive Industry and Railway Engineering of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Pak. '' They say that the transition of Kokorin to Spartacus, from which Alexander had renounced in his time, was accomplished under the influence of Daria. His move to Khimki publication “ RB Sport '' she commented, “I think his football career is over. '' & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; View this post on Instagram & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Publication from Pavel Mamaev (@ mamaev_pavel17) Quiet divorce did not work out. She also didn’t mind his move to Italy. Of course, he was a professional footballer, but now he is not the same. Before meeting a football player, Daria was engaged in dancing, began a vocal career, but after the beginning of a relationship with Kokorin, she was quite satisfied with the position of the wife of a football star. The wives waited for their husbands from prison, but, alas, neither the one nor the other couple managed to live together happily ever after. Истoчник At least, even those who are not interested in sports in principle knew their names. '' < p> 'We have never been officially married, & mdash; wrote Valieva. She says that she is poor and unhappy, although she lives in an apartment for half a million dollars, the area of ​​which, as she presents, is & mdash; 48 square meters. The guys who were once ranked among the main talents of Russia, as they say, go from the fair. '' And now Alana does not leave her ex-husband alone. Alana Mamaeva and Darya Valitova argued that their husbands are being punished unfairly, that they have become victims of a demonstrative massacre.