Dushanbe ran into Khorog: more and more victims every day

The head of the region, Alisher Mirzonabot, was wounded in the capital of GBAO yesterday during a speech in front of protesters. They were attacked by the natives of GBAO. & Nbsp; Will it be possible to extinguish the incipient fire now, or will there be attempts to rock the situation again? We were also hit by stones. After the dispersal of which, two bodies turned out to be on the square: during the shooting on the square, another young native of the region, 21-year-old Tutisho Aslishoev, was killed. “ We stood next to him, several masked young men began to throw stones. Sunday in the rebellious region & nbsp; arrived & nbsp; Head of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sughd Region Abdullo Navjuvonov. One of the demands of the protesters: not to touch those who participated in the attack on the head of the region and the police. '' – one of the activists told the local newspaper. On the eve, everyone was asked to refrain from provocations. “ We will have our own commission, which will work in the investigation team and report the results to the protesters. The demands of the rebels: remove military posts around the city, leaving only the traffic police posts, but the main thing is & mdash; to conduct an investigation into the death of a resident of the village of Tavdem Gulbiddin Ziyobekov. Five law enforcement officers were also injured. A scuffle began, some tried to get the chairman and again take him out to the protesters … '', the organizers said. It was decided to conduct a joint investigation. This incident took place back in February 2020. According to eyewitnesses, Ziyobekov was taken out of the house alive, put in a police car, and after a while he was informed of his death. He said that a commission has been created that is conducting a thorough investigation into the death of Ziyobekov. On Saturday, another attempt was made to establish a dialogue “ with the square '': the head of the region, Alisher Mirzonabot, came out to the protesters. It all ended in a shootout, & nbsp; as a result of which & nbsp; the attacker and two of his friends were wounded. The head of the Gorno-Badakhshan region was thrown with stones The protest situation in Gorno-Badakhshan is spreading throughout Tajikistan. Since Ziyobekov did not appear before the investigators for interrogation, it was finally decided to bring him in by force. Moreover, as the organizers of the rally say, they themselves do not know who these attackers were. After that, already in Dushanbe, a picket was held near the UN building: young people stood with posters “ Badakhshan is part of Tajikistan '' and Criminals Must Be Punished. In response, stones were thrown towards the official. Then Ziyobekov, together with his family and friends, kidnapped the assistant prosecutor Abdusalom Abirzoda and kept him for 8 hours, periodically beating him and demanding an apology for harassing his sister. MP Aziz Giyozoda was also hospitalized with severe bodily injuries. & Nbsp; The body of the native of Gorno-Badakhshan was not allowed to be taken out: the killed was brought to the square and a meeting was held. Separated them from the police. He was accused of kidnapping the assistant prosecutor. There is even a video in which Abirzoda, surrounded by a crowd of men, asks for forgiveness from all residents of the autonomous region for his behavior. Истoчник www.mk.ru From several hundred people their number increased to several thousand: the population of the surrounding villages joined the townspeople. Photo: Still from video In Khorog itself, local residents have been protesting on Somoni Square for three days. & nbsp; Let us remind you that on the morning of November 25, security officials came to Ziyobekov's home and tried to detain him.