Dutch court names MH17 defendants implicated in murder

They allegedly delivered a Buk missile launcher from Russia to Ukraine. But the prosecutor did not name any names. He added that some of the evidence from Russia was “unreliable.” The Russian side has previously drawn attention to the fact that the investigation team ignores irrefutable evidence and relies on unverified sources. The judges also looked at photos and videos “found on the Internet.” A Malaysian Airlines passenger Boeing 777 crashed on July 17, 2014. Hearings on the MH17 crash have resumed at the Schiphol complex in the Netherlands. The trial over them can be organized by Ukraine. Истoчник www.mk.ru He stressed that they used the Buk ZRU as a weapon pursuing military objectives. “The Russian testimony was added to the MH17 case so that the court and the defense saw different points of view. For example, the conclusions of the investigation about the brand of the weapons used and their delivery from Russia were completely based on the materials presented by Kiev. A group of four persons is suspected of involvement in the incident. Berger stressed that in the Netherlands, only the main defendants can be tried. Earlier, the Dutch court considered claims of the relatives of the victims for compensation. Prosecutor Theis Berger, reading the indictment, named the four defendants guilty of murder, regardless of whether their target was a military or a civilian plane. Thus, we wanted to create a balanced dossier,” RIA Novosti quotes the prosecutor. Killed 298 people, citizens of 10 states. But other persons involved in the crime should not remain unpunished either. Hence, the suspects are guilty anyway. It remains for the court to hear the indictment of the Dutch prosecutor's office.