Edenbridge – Alight A New Tomorrow Lyrics

Fraying, straying
Decaying, the world´s at sea
Are we resigned to our fate? Lying, denying
We´re walking aimlessly
Trying, slying
Saving face no longer
The world is waiting for
A change within our hearts
The last card for us all, a new era starts
So hit the road out there
Alight a new tomorrow
Recall a far off time
Step out here and follow
Why, wherefore
Hell-bent we should leave
We think we´ve got oceans of time
(Bridges burn)
A decisive turn
It will be waiting to happen
A heavy load, this dusty road
Can´t lead us too much longer
The world can´t wait
A change within our hearts
It´s for us all
Alight a new tomorrow