Eli Goldstone | Five Things Right Now

And now I am a person who enjoys eating oysters! It was perfect, I loved it. It’s a domestic smell. I’m attempting to become more domestic.  
4. The closest I come to meditating is sitting in front of a tumble dryer with a dead magazine. It’s also funny. So you see, keeping one’s resolutions is fucking easy. The Duke of Burgundy
I rewatched this film the other day and I keep thinking about it.  
2. In this piece, actor Jonathon Young comes to terms with trauma and addiction. It is Beckettian in its use of staccato and repetitive language, which is heightened by Crystal Pite’s beautiful, weird choreography that others the bodies on stage. I find it absolutely the perfect form for absurdism. The diseases trapped in ice
I can’t stop reading articles about all the ancient diseases that are hidden in the ice. I recently moved to the seaside and started working front of house in a seafood cafe. Eli shares five things she’s reading, watching and thinking about right now. I find the cruelty of humans absolutely horrifying and anxiety making, but when I think about natural disasters I sleep like a baby.  
5. I don’t have a washing machine so I walk half a mile to a laundrette each week and I sit there for an hour collecting my thoughts. On my day off last weekend my friend and I went there to eat.  
3. Giant viruses emerging from the melting tundra. An homage to seventies pulp but also an extremely humane depiction of love, selfishness, sex and sacrifice. We drank Bloody Marys and slipped oysters down our necks. The smell of clean laundry
I used to walk my dog around Hampstead in the evenings and the smell of laundry detergent would emanate from all the houses, along with the sound of tinkling pianos and wine glasses.  
Photograph   © Jamie Drew It’s so luxuriantly shot, melodramatic and sweet. Both performances from Sidse Babett Knudsen and Chiara D’Anna are riveting. Betroffenheit
I love dance. Eli Goldstone lives in London and is a graduate of the City University Creative Writing (Novels) MA. Her debut novel,   Strange Heart Beating, is published by Granta Books this month, and you can read an excerpt here. Oysters
I only made one New Year’s resolution for 2017 –   to become a person who enjoys eating oysters.