Embracing the sky. A film about the pilot who died in Syria Oleg Peshkov was released

Together with him was one of the best navigators in the country. I went into the apartment, wanted to wash my hands, but there was no water. I think we survived the 90s with dignity. I threw a handful of earth into my grave. He was transferred to serve in the Primorsky Territory, the city of Arseniev. Since childhood, he dreamed of the sky. And he put it on the wing. He was an extra-class pilot & ndash; mastered five types of combat vehicles, knew his bomber thoroughly. '' & ndash; “ No, no! Igor lit a candle, knelt down and stood talking with Oleg: “I ask your permission to play this role.” And our son also liked him. '' It was a planned ambush. ” Well, at least the topic went well. Our pilots did not see the Turkish plane at all and did not expect an attack. By this age, he gave birth to a son, planted a tree and they finally built a house. He will come from the service, kiss everyone, change clothes and with the eldest for the textbooks. & Nbsp; “ And the next day, the news reported about the downed Su-24. '' And then the boys' interest began to awaken. The commander-in-chief said that the president was inviting me to Moscow. But this was not a fair fight, but an attack from around the corner. He loved airplanes since childhood. And everything was filmed not in the scenery, but at the real facilities of the Russian Ministry of Defense and directly in Syria, in the zone where the hostilities were going on. We rarely saw each other & ndash; on leave he came twice a year. Oleg remained in the army. Recently I met him and said: “This is because of Oleg Anatolyevich.” Hero of Russia Oleg Peshkov continues to put others on the wing even after his death. I was proud: he invites me to go somewhere, but I don’t go. What happened? She saw off her husband Gelena with a heavy heart, cried all night: “ Oleg has already been to the war zones. Two years later, they gave me a two-room apartment on the fifth floor. Oleg was a believer. The first time I returned no. Already at the end of our conversation, Gelena Peshkova told an amazing story: “ Oleg decided to go to the school where his daughter studied, hold meetings with the children, and have a heart-to-heart talk. The crew of the Su-24, as the president put it, “ got stabbed in the back. They named him Alexander. Oleg Peshkov was just that. They said to my daughter: “You have a great father!” And you know, there is one boy from my daughter's class & ndash; Maxim & ndash; entered the flight school. I saw that there were many girls around Oleg. He began to look after me when I was 17 years old, and by that time, after the Suvorov School, he had graduated from flight. It is about all our military men who defend the Motherland. & ndash; He loved to study exactly what he loved. According to sources in the medical community, the forensic examination showed that after the death of the body of the deceased officer was subjected to bullying. In 1994 they played a modest wedding and a week later they left to serve in the Amur Region, in Vozzhaevka. As my friends said, Alain Delon is resting next to him. In Lipetsk, where Oleg served in the flight unit, 10 thousand people came to say goodbye to him. I reassured that everything was fine. & ndash; They have empty eyes. I was so happy. The crew managed to eject, but from the ground the militants opened to the pilots fire. But I understood that this was not his way. Photo: From the family archive Authoritatively Air Force Commander & ndash; Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Forces, Lieutenant General & shy; Sergey & shy; Dronov: & ndash; The film is unique in that it is based on real events. The Lord helped to endure everything. Last family photo. She: “ Dad, you're tired, I'm myself. Then they flew very little. There we have a second child, a son, was born. We made friends with the actor Igor Petrenko, who played Oleg in the film. I am very grateful that we were able to bury my husband. He jumped out from below and hit from behind. Moreover, the plots of the use of aviation, shown in the picture, are as close to reality as possible. All data on the route of the “ drying '', apparently, the Turks were “ leaked '' Americans, whom Russia, according to the agreements concluded, has notified in advance about the upcoming flight. When he was filming in Lipetsk, we went together to the cemetery to see her husband. And as long as there are these real men, we will have a peaceful sky over our heads '', & ndash; said in an interview with AiF Gelena Peshkova. They remind us that the world that our grandfathers defended today still needs to be defended. Oleg was 45 years old. '' & Nbsp; Less than a day before the last flight, he called his wife from Syria. '' Oleg with his younger brother. For military pilots, when the commander comes to his wife, it means that a tragedy has happened. Oleg Peshkov was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia. Both come from Ust-Kamenogorsk. The meeting was with me and Ira Pozynich , the widow of the deceased paratrooper Alexander Pozynich , who participated in the rescue operation of the Su-24 crew. Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov , died in the air, navigator Konstantin Murakhtin landed and during the special operation was evacuated from the zone controlled by the terrorists. And the feat of the commander of the crew of the Su-24 bomber Oleg Peshkov, who fulfilled his military duty with honor and dignity, is a vivid example of this. She herself worked in a kindergarten. In a fair fight & ndash; undoubtedly. '' He had a teaching talent. The history of the heroic deeds of our compatriots has always demonstrated strength of character and loyalty to military duty. We still communicate with her. Now Oleg Peshkov and Konstantin Murakhtin have become prototypes of the heroes of the feature film Sky, which was recently released. Why there are fewer fish, birds and animals 24/11/2021 Six years ago, on November 24, 2015, our Su-24 was shot down in Syria during a combat mission. They are on the phone now. Now the film has been made, the memory of the victims has been immortalized. She married Oleg at the age of 18, he was 23 years old. We lived in a hostel in a room with no amenities, mice scurrying about on the floor. Weekly “Arguments and Facts” № 47. And this time, some kind of foreboding “ fettered. Истoчник aif.ru And even now, in a fairly prosperous time, for the sake of protecting a peaceful life, our servicemen perform heroic deeds, sometimes sacrificing their lives. I took my son to the first grade. And he taught his eldest daughter to do this. I think they knew before that Oleg was dead, but they needed 100% proof. But he continued to walk, although no one asked him to. To support the family, the officers worked as taxi drivers and loaders. Today, our country pays great attention to preserving the historical memory of the exploits of Soviet soldiers committed during the Great Patriotic War, during participation in armed conflicts and counterterrorism operations now. He was going himself. '' On the eve of a business trip to Syria, Lieutenant Colonel Peshkov and his wife escorted their son to first grade. The salary was delayed. It is very difficult to live there: in winter it is cold, windy, there is often no snow, and in summer it is hot. He also began his service as an instructor. Photo: From the family archive 10 thousand people attended the funeral “My husband had a phenomenal memory. The terrorists took revenge for the fact that they were cut off financial “ oxygen '': the pilot bombed warehouses with illegally extracted Syrian oil, which was exported by caravans to Turkey. There we got married 10 years after the wedding. The heroic deeds of one person have always admired and served as an example for thousands. I tried to convey my experience. Such films help to preserve the memory of the heroes of our Fatherland. Probably, if I had supported, he would have done so. Once he returned, he said: “They asked the first question:“ How much do the pilots get? “I don’t work for Russia, I serve it.” & ndash; this phrase in the film is pronounced by the main character. And he came back. And when he invited me to get married, I agreed (smiles). Thanks to the president, thanks to the Ministry of Defense and personally to the minister for their help and attention. Once I said: I have to return to Ust-Kamenogorsk, I will go to work at the plant. But on the first day there was no one & ndash; arrived a few days later. Many of Oleg's colleagues left the army altogether. Su-24M Lieutenant Colonel Peshkov. Oleg Peshkov, who managed to eject, was shot in the air by militants from machine guns. But there was always a certainty that he would return. Imagine, when there is no grave, there is nowhere to even go to cry. “ Perish yourself & ndash; help your comrade out '' & ndash; these words belong to the outstanding Russian commander Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov and are one of the principles of his famous work “ The Science of Victory ''. He took those from whom others refused. The ration helped out. It helped both in study and in the service, & ndash; Gelena continues. Oleg also washed diapers, and at night he got up to his daughter. We carried water from the pump on the street to the fifth floor. First love “ This film is not only about my wife. & laquo; Oleg & ndash; my first love. In order for the body to be delivered to Russia, a special operation was carried out & ndash; the militants did not want to give it up. For the first time Gelena saw Oleg when he entered the Suvorov military school. After that, we did not leave the TV. '' Turks stabbed in the back Did Oleg Peshkov have a chance to survive that fateful day? Arina was born in 1999. Photo: From the family archive On the ninth day, December 2, Oleg was buried.