End of mask mode. Polina needs an expensive operation

At 9-year-old Polina Ergardt a strange disease in which nothing hurts and does not bother. Since the nerves are not congested, the muscles are also missing on the face, operations, which are performed alternately on each side at intervals of three months, are aimed at bringing in new muscle and using the new nerve. Mobius syndrome & ndash; the least of the misfortunes she had to face. Polina Ergardt stands out not only for her appearance and unusual surname: she dances hip-hop, is engaged in lego construction, rock climbing, rollerblading and plays computer games so that many at school want to be friends with a tough girl. She could not breathe, swallow, move. She lay like a rag in the crib. Complete absence of facial expressions & ndash; a sign of the rare Mobius syndrome, in which there are no facial nerves. '' There really will be no wrinkles, but the mask will slide down over time, because due to undeveloped facial muscles, nothing can hold the skin. Let's share a smile with Polina! Doctors approached Polinka, crossing themselves. And what will happen outside the family and after school? Weekly “Arguments and Facts” № 47. & nbsp; For regular donations & mdash; check 'Help monthly'. Neither here nor in Germany. But it is very difficult to be happy with her. They are such people: it is not enough for their daughter to live, it is important for them that she lives happily. For regular donations: “ month [space] amount '' (For example: month 150). By card & mdash; in the section 'How to help' at dobroe.aif.ru. Treatment is also a way of social rehabilitation of a girl. This will allow the child to smile and use facial expressions as a tool for non-verbal communication. By making a donation, you agree & nbsp; to receive informational messages. We help our heroes like this: Send an SMS to the number & nbsp; 8910 & nbsp; with the amount of the donation in numbers, for example, “ 150 ''. And Polina speaks well, although with such a diagnosis & ndash; should not. Service for subscribers of MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2. Do not forget, & nbsp; please confirm the payment by return & nbsp; SMS! There is only a little left & ndash; remove the frozen wax mask from her face. Kind Heart ”since 2005 has been helping children and adults with various diseases. She ate through a tube, breathed through a ventilator, then through a tube in her throat. You can help those who need support sign up for a regular monthly donation of 30, 100 or more rubles. With this disease, you can live to a ripe old age, travel, make a career and start a family. help NOW Истoчник aif.ru But not everyone has that choice. & Nbsp; Need help Polina Ergardt (9 years old, Chelyabinsk) needs 1 million 300 thousand rubles. And neither doctors nor parents can explain this. Charitable Foundation “AiF. Our phone & nbsp; 8 (916) 941-41-12 Thank you! Opinion & nbsp; expert Reconstructive surgeon of the Motus medical center & nbsp; Mikhail Novikov: & ndash; Our treatment is aimed at restoring Polina's facial expressions on both sides. When she goes to bed, her mother lowers her eyelids with her palm (the girl cannot blink). for an operation to restore facial expressions. They did not help us there, they just said: if my daughter starts holding her head, you are heroes '', & ndash; says mom Katya Ergardt. Wear them in supermarkets and on the subway. In this sense, Polina's fortune smiled: there is no need to look for special sheets abroad. And when everything takes root, Polina will finally learn to smile. & nbsp; Beneficiary's bank: & nbsp; PJSC Sberbank of Russia, & nbsp; Moscow, BIK 044525225, & nbsp; account 40703810838090000738, office 30101810400000000225. & Nbsp; It’s not bad to be like everyone else. Doctors who are able to make this dream come true & ndash; units. We can even choose: plain or colored, disposable or tailor-made. “I dream that my daughter, as she’s grown up, would do makeup and admire the reflection in the mirror”, “ndash; tells Polina's mother. Aunt Polinka, seeing her emotionless face-mask for the first time, sighed and reassured: “ But there will be no wrinkles. Cleft palate, clubfoot, vision and bowel problems, stiff tongue & ndash; no one could explain what was happening to the child and no one could make a diagnosis. “ Money for medical treatment abroad was collected by everyone in Chelyabinsk, got into debt. They are up to this happiness & ndash; the last step and a million rubles for the operation. Surgeon Mikhail Novikov lives and operates in Yaroslavl. When Polina eats, she pushes the pieces down her throat with her fingers, because her tongue is paralyzed. Now the doctor will take pieces of muscle tissue from her thigh and transplant them into the children's cheeks, tying all the nerve fibers and triggering a signal from the brain to the new muscles. The airborne medical service cost 2.5 million, and they returned home without a diagnosis. Why there are fewer fish, birds and animals 24/11/2021 help NOW We are already used to wearing masks in bags and pockets. The palate was fixed, the legs & ndash; partially removed the ventilator and probe. When she and her husband paid off their debts, Polina turned 7 years old, and she not only kept her head, but also went to first grade with her own feet. Because she has already burst into tears of hers & ndash; without tears. Kind heart & raquo; & nbsp; TIN 7701619391, KPP 774301001. And now Polina has grown up. In a nutshell, Polina does not know how to laugh and cry. You should have been born with such a diagnosis in the friendly Ergardt family, where everyone loves to joke and laugh. Some people cannot take off their protective mask even at home. Someone would be glad that there is, and would wave a hand at the lowered corners of the lips and unblinking eyes, but not Ergardt. Bank details: & nbsp; BF “ AiF. Apart from her face, Polina's entire body was paralyzed from birth. By that time, she had performed 14 operations, and the total number of anesthesia exceeded 30. This smile will definitely come back to us. 9 years from the endless list of symptoms were crossed out one by one. Abroad, children with immobile faces are operated on as early as possible, until the syndrome has caused really severe pain & ndash; emotional. Her face always remains motionless, like a mask: both when the teacher puts a bad mark, and when her mother tickles her heels. When asked to smile for a photo, the girl stretches the corners of her lips with her index fingers. Mikhail Leonidovich saw the girl several years ago and said that she still needed to grow up and gain weight.