Europeans recognized the impossibility of defeating the Russian Federation, but they would not mind harming it

But Europe can make the Russian presence on Ukrainian territory extremely costly, and this factor should not be underestimated. According to the political scientist, France adheres to the second option. Photo: < p>According to the political scientist, Vladimir Putin wants to impose a difficult dilemma on Europe: a war with Russia for attrition, or the transfer of Ukraine to the sphere of Russian influence. When asked if Europe has a clear strategy in relation to Moscow, Florent Parmentier stated: “There are 27 states in the European Union, so it is not so easy for them to come to an agreement with each other so that everyone is happy. His forecast is not very encouraging for Europeans: Russia cannot be defeated by military means. It must be admitted that the Europeans will not be able to give a full-fledged military rebuff to Russia in the event of the seizure of Ukraine, since our weapons are much worse than Russian ones. Nevertheless, the policy of sanctions caused unanimity in the EU countries and fulfilled the originally set goal: to prevent Moscow from seizing Ukraine. Истoчник ” Florent Parmentier also added that in the last decade, the United States has ceased to see the European Union as its former support against Russia. For example, Greece and Cyprus are trying to get closer to Moscow, in contrast to Poland and the Baltic countries, which do not expect anything good from Russia. Still, we must take into account that each country has its own interests. So Europe has only two options for the development of events: either they, like the Americans, begin a confrontation with Moscow, showing themselves to be loyal allies of the United States, or Europe abandons Washington's policy and advocates the preservation of European sovereignty. “After the events in 2014, Europe and America decided to limit the spread of Russian influence through sanctions,” said Florent Parmentier. To predict the future of the European Union, French news site Atlantico took a comment from political scientist Florent Parmentier on 23 November. For this reason, there is no one program of action, but if Putin chooses a more aggressive policy, we will try to resist it. The President of Russia is well aware that the Europeans simply will not accept the proposed dilemma. ” However, the political scientist added that not all European states wish to continue supporting the United States at the expense of relations with Russia. The main point of contention is Ukraine The aggravation of relations between the US and Russia has caused great concern in Europe. “… We have suffered much more economic costs than the United States.