Ex-lieutenant colonel of the SBU said that mercenaries from Britain are operating in Ukraine

Истoчник aif.ru > According to him, there are construction and logistics specialists among the British who are building a naval base in the city of Ochakov on the Black Sea coast. British specialists are involved in the construction of a naval base in southern Ukraine, and they are guarded by a British private military company, RIA Novosti reports. “ The British, who are densely settling in the south of Ukraine, are registered in Nikolaev, where aircraft from Albion regularly come to the Kulbakino airbase, '' he noted. in Nikolaev. The ex-lieutenant colonel of the department found it difficult to estimate the number of specialists and PMCs guarding them. At the same time, as Prozorov notes, the protection of the arriving air cargo is carried out by the fighters of the British PMC, based in the Alexandrovskaya hotel. Earlier it was also reported that the British Ministry of Defense is negotiating with Ukraine on the sale of weapons to the country, including missiles with high precision guidance Brimstone. This was announced during a conversation with the agency's correspondents former SBU lieutenant colonel Vasily Prozorov, referring to his own sources.