Ex-official allowed the resignation of Johnson from the post of British Prime Minister

Истoчник www.mk.ru Photo: AP Minister Boris Johnson and his resignation. He is accused of lying,” he said, commenting on a party investigation led by MP and senior civil servant Sue Gray, who will present her findings by Friday. “The (investigation) is expected to result in a vote of no confidence in party leader Boris Johnson,” the ex-official said, adding that the near future for the head of government is rather bleak. Johnson was criticized, he was in danger of losing premiership as a result of scandal over parties at the government residence on Downing Street during the nationwide lockdown. For example, one of them says that only 54 letters sent to MPs can lead to an investigation, which was initiated. As Cole noted, the Conservative Party is rather archaic in its own internal rules. Francis John Cole, a former high-ranking EU civil servant and specialist in British politics, thinks so. “Boris will probably not survive the inquest.